New BD features, what am I missing

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    I'm pretty new at this and when I upgraded to BD/HD it was hard to figure it all out. I spent many hours beating my head on the wall. I finally got where I can remux my movies and store and watch from the computer. My only known issue has been on a few movies the trueHD has not been a compatible file.
    So now the latest method is to save as a ISO file and mount as a virtual drive and fool the latest version of PDVD into playing it off the HDD. There are many threads about this but I still have a few questions.

    Do I have to save the whole DVD, film and crap and skip through all the crap everytime I watch a movie? I like the way I'm doing it now. I click a movie it starts playing. The size of the file is important also.

    What are the new features on the new BD discs that 3319a is not compatible with? All I want to backup is the movie and audio track both in the best quality.

    I now understand that the HD audio is limited in 3319a perhaps all the versions of PDVD. If the latest (3370a) will play the audio at full bandwidth and I can remux and save as an ISO file I think this will be the direction I want to go.

    Or if slysoft can develope a player. I can keep doing things the way I am. What happened to the thread (pole) on who would contribute to the developement of a player.
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