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    I upgraded my PSP to firmware v3.51 and made a copy of a movie using the new AVC 720x480 using the 2-pass option. It was unrecognized by my PSP.

    1) What does the new 3-pass option do? Will 2 0r 3 passes give a better quality movie?

    2) I used the 2-pass option at the highest bitrate setting on a movie that is 2.5 hours in length. It took 5 hours per pass and gave a 902 Mb movie file labeled ".mp4" and allowed me to call it whatever I wanted. I gave it a common name and later when it was unrecognized by the PSP tried to rename it to something more in line with PSP protocol. What are we allowed to call it?

    3) Is the new 720x480 format only for outputting to TV?

    Thank you.
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    from what I've bee told the new 720x480 option will only work for movies that are originally 16x9. It won't work with 4x3 movies.Plus the highest pixel count the PSP gives out is 480x272 so it is really quite pointless to use 720x480.
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    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.