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    I very recently upgraded my pc (gave it the boot out the door :D). I now have a confuser with a dvd burner in it. I would like to make a copy of one of my daughter's retail bought movies, as she has scratched it up pretty good, and I can't get some of the scratches out with a dvd repairer. I can't find the dvd to buy anywhere, so I would like to make a copy before it gets any worse. What software do I need to buy to bypass the security features, and make a copy of it? My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium. Any info you may share would be appreciated.

    Thanx :bowdown: ;)
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    AnyDVD.....DVDFab Decrypter.....DvdFab Platinum

    If the disc is severely scratched, it might not be possible to copy it.
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    Try the excellant IsoPuzzle on the scratched discs.

    New update for those who already have it - version 1.6.
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    Thanx for your input. So basically I will need AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. Her DVD starts with "D" and ends with "isney". It is one of them here for a month and then put back in the archives again movies. I have read that the Fed. Gov. allows you to have one back up of all media entertainment, such as cd's, DVD's, ect. Is this true?

    Thanx again
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    Under the DMCA, it is illegal to remove protection from digital content to make a backup.