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    Nobody here said anything about sharing lol. 9FA429C2-C948-499C-8B66-157BBCFE0F22.jpeg 24A00770-3FC3-4E4D-B472-7530C51BCA70.jpeg
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    CPU hevc encoding NOT GPU
    Very grainy movie nice detail doe. 9C4C82CC-6835-4F2C-B5E1-DE9C988218BA.jpeg EFBC8A98-F9FA-4C32-B7B2-FD6FEF801991.jpeg
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    Are you sure? Or are you confusing this with BD+? Which DOES embed a watermark into the stream. Or did, as it seems to be dead.
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    Yes I'm sure. Aacs 2.1 is nasty. I'll have to go dig up the info that was posted about it when it first arrived with the patriot and fury to get the specifics but I'm quite sure that just decrypting it embeds watermarking data in the video stream. Very identifiable watermarking data. It wouldn't stop you from playing it but it would identify the source so they can track down who leaked it. I'll see if I can find the info again though.

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    Sure but more this:

    Although I think that's partially wrong. Or at least unclear. Mike says it applies to AACS 2.x. I don't believe that's true. FMT only applies to AACS 2.1. FMT being the Forensic Mark ummm T. I don't remember what the T is.
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    Decryption process was NOT deuhd!
    Don’t own that software & don’t need it.
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    That’s y I asked in previous post is there a way besides a hex editor to view what’s embedded.
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    “In AACS 2.x the "decryption" process (by a player) is rather different from AACS 1.0 - compliant device not only decrypts the content but also actively meddles with it. Forensic mark is always inserted into video stream at the decryption layer. This mark contains player model and serial number along with environmental details. This information is preserved in video stream and survives”
    Did not locate model info within the hex file editor. And also compared to regular 2.0 aacs
    Almost similar as well.
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    R U guys talking about a new version of Cinavia?
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    No. Has nothing to do with Cinavia.
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    Zombieland has AACS 2.1.