Never ending scrolling if Downloadables are very much

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    Hello together,

    it's a never ending scrolling in the Downloadables list... Downloadables_187.png

    It exists Seasons with more than 100 downloadable elements in my case "Downloadables (187)". It's not user friendly the scrolling at each download element again and again to the element 101, next time to 102, 103, 104 and so on. It is very time consuming each time to scroll so much deep at the downloadable elements.
    And when entering the site I see for at least 30 seconds no information what happens in background. After nearly 30-40 seconds suddenly the "Downloadables (187)" is displayed. Not nice not to know what happens during the waiting (or if even happens something).

    Suggestion for improvement: As long I am on the same site with the same downloadables this list opens each time at the same position as the last time left.

    Thank you here for creating this fine product,
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    exactly what it "under consideration", it's being considered if it's doable for implementation and if it's doable, IF they want to implement it. You're not the only one one to ask for it. If you'll read the top of that post, you'll see the (B) tag means that particular improvement has been suggested during the beta testing phase. Where the software was only available to a limited amount of tester. It is in fact an "old" suggestion.