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Neue RTX Grafikkarte


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Jun 25, 2012
Ich möchte mir eine neue RTX Grafikkarte GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER™ GAMING X TRIO
zulegen. Diese Grafikkarte hat einen 2x8 Pin Anschluss. Das Stromkabel was von meinem Netzteil kommt hat einen 8pin und ein 6+2pin Anschluss. Kann ich den Anschluss 6+2 pin benutzen oder muss ich einen 6pin auf 8pin benutzen. Bei mir habe ich noch so einen Adapter gefunden,aber da sind nur 7pin belegt kann ich diesen benutzen.?
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You need to use BOTH, the 8 pin AND the 6+2 pin (which effectively turns it into another 8 pin). The reason it's like that is that you have multiple variants of power needed for GFX cards

Single 8 pin (requires just the 8 pin plugged in)
Dual 8 pin (like yours, requires both the 8 and 6+2 pin plugged in)
Single 6 pin (requires only the 6 pin part plugged in, the 2 pin part "hangs" to the side)
8+6 pin (requires both the 8 + 6 pin plugged in, the 2 pin part "hangs" to the side)

Perfectly normal. You'll notice that the 6+2 pin "clip" together in a way. This effectively turns it into just another 8 pin connector, and you need to plug that in alongside the other 8 pin connector. Do NOT plug-in just the single 8 pin (or just the 6 pins of that 6+2) or your card will either not power up, or you'll risk damaging the card (and your motherboard) when it's trying to draw more power than the cabling can supply

You do NOT not any type of adapters

Plug in the 8 pin in port 1
Clip the 6+2 pin together (and hold them together tighly) and plug them both into slot 2.
All done