Netflix Provider does not have HD Content for Download

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by zero269, Oct 14, 2020.

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    Secret Life of Pets 2 looks to be in SD. When played back, doesn't even look as good as DVD.


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    Hello Mollenoh,

    Thanks for the tip. I decided to take a look at the playback within the Edge Browser (v86.0.622.43) and I was able to notice the playback bitrate. It started with 720 but then settled on 1080. I wonder what browser and version Netflix is detecting when accessed via AS.
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    Hello Ch3vr0n,

    Perhaps the Dev Team could take a look into this? I understand the CDN will serve up the highest quality available based on the source of the request based on your response.

    I took the advice Mollenoh offered by playing the content in my browser and then during playback, press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D which brings up some details about the content and playback quality.

    Although it didn't start at 1920x1080, I did reach that playback quality very quickly. I didn't notice the first resolution, but when I finally laid my eyes on the area I was looking for, I noticed it was 720, and then a couple seconds later switched to and remained at 1080.

    I'm wondering what browser the CDN is detecting during the request from AS. I ran my test in the latest version of the Edge Browser. Version 86.0.622.38 (Official build) (64-bit).

    I attached a screenshot and highlighted the playback quality for Back to the Future 3 for reference.

    I'm not a big fan of N-Providers audio which is that HE-AAC vs. the EAC3 that Prime has. Much better audio quality, so I chose only a handful from N-Provider for this reason. However, I think this is still something the Dev Team may want to look at considering the AS program is being detected as a subpar browser that can only handle low res content, even though this is not the case for all titles.

    I might just go back and double check to see if my options have changed just for shits and giggles... :)

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    That's another one I flagged as low quality. I avoid those altogether... although I may stream a few if needed.

    Here's a list of HD's I've identified, but just note that a handful will show a lower number, but usually always above 800.

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    True, not everyone is going to be 100% satisfied. I should note that I reported this as an issue that may be looked into and not as an attack on AS just in case others are curious where I stand.

    Hopefully they will look into this, because if Netflix is serving the content based on the "browser" or "app", then I would expect to see some inconsistencies with the various titles. What I'm seeing is that all of the titles that I've flagged as SD v HD title, they are still SD no matter when I check or what system I check from.

    If you would like to see if your SD titles are exactly the same as mine, feel free to check out my attached SD list for the N-Provider. I'm going to assume you will see the same results as I, because we are not using a "browser" alongside AS for anything other than checking if the title actually will stream at full HD... which they do.


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    Hello whirlpool, I do not have Goosebumps 1 in the US, however I do see the second one. That one does not have an HD option within AS.
    Check out my flagged SD and HD lists if interested...

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    Hi Mollenoh, I can say that all of my systems stream full HD in my tests. I have three 4K LG monitors, and even they do not show any 4K streaming based on the movies I just tested. Netflix doesn't even show you what quality you should expect on their web browser, so I had to look for a list online and Extraction was one of them. However, 4K is a moot point at this stage of the game considering AS does not yet support it.

    I use my iPad and AppleTV for my streaming services, so the web browser experience is not my preferred environment.
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    Hi windevine, I'm not sure the browser is a concern to be honest. We are using AS for its feature set which to my understanding has nothing to do with our preferred browser of choice. HD content is common place and all of the most popular browsers support Full HD streaming.

    I think the question here is "what can we provide to the Dev Team that will help them or encourage them to look at what we are reporting is something of a concern for the AS product", and believe that it can be looked into at a minimum.

    If AS was the culprit, then it would be an easy fix. What doesn't make sense is that we are seeing consistency with the SD content options for titles we know are offered in HD. We see many titles with HD options within AS as well. When I go back and check on the ones I've flagged as SD, I see no change in my choices.

    I've tested this on several of my systems. Some wired and some wireless. Some were tested using a fresh Win10 v2004 install with updates only and I'm seeing the exact same results on all of them, which tells me it's not my system, my browsers or my gateway.

    I believe this issue is resolvable, but we should really do the Dev Team a favor and just report our findings so they can take them into consideration and hopefully get a better understanding as to what the problem might be.

    I'm enjoying AS, I think it's a GREAT product. Mostly because I'm a Prime user and my wife is a Netflix user. I also see Prime offering better quality in both video and audio. Better video bit rates, and better audio format. Netflix is using EACC while Primes content has EAC3. Better sound, better movie experience. My Onkyo 7.1 system does not lie to me. :)

    However, I prefer the Blu-ray TrueHD MA, and TrueDTS tracks. I just hate the several hours it takes to convert them and slim them down in size.
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    Oh, but Netflix does have EAC3. It's just that AnyStream can't (or won't) download it.
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    The thing is AAC is newer than AC3 and a more efficient codec. Has a higher Hz supported range AND is part of the MP4 standard (used by AnyStream as a file container)
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    Muxing EAC3 to MP4 is supported - it's what AnyStream is doing with ama-provider-zon anyway as far as I understand.

    Also, Dolby Digital Plus is EAC3 (not AC3) and at 640 Kbps much, much superior to the AAC at 192 Kbps Anystream curently grabs.
    Both have a 48000 Hz Sampling Rate, so I don't know what you're saying...
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    AAC supports upto 96000 (96Khz) and produces better audio than ac3. Nothing a simple google search "aac vs ac3" couldn't tell you.
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    *Face palm*
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    although a browser problem officially Netflix does not offer 1080p via chrome, Firefox anystream exploits a technical flaw that allows it.
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    @windevine Hush, we are not supposed to talk about it. :p
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    Mentioning that AS uses a loophole for HD support is fine ;), discussing the actual loophole and how it's used is a different matter :)
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    Even if AAC is technically superior to AC3, or even EAC3, there are lots of us who would rather have some flavor of AC3 than AAC. Most home cinema amplifiers produced during the last 20-25 years will support at least 5.1 channel AC3, but that can't be said about multichannel AAC.

    If I try to play a 5.1 AAC soundtrack on my system, it will just come out as 2 channels.
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    I understand from your post that Edge plays in HD/4K and may possibly fix the download stream. My question is, Is AS using the default browser when first installed? I do not see any settings in AS to change Browsers from Chrome (A) to Edge (B). If you do change your default browser, does AS follow suit?
  19. Prospere

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    The short answer would be - no. AnyStream uses a built in browser.
  20. zero269

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    I was checking out the release notes for the new version released today (v1.0.5) and have to say they are much appreciated. Great job DevTeam. I was wondering if you guys were looking into the issue I reported regarding the limited video resolution options for some titles from N-Provider?

    I originally reported these five titles, but there are many others I found as well and have attached them as a list for reference. They are coming up with SD resolution only.

    SD only Titles
    • Back to the Future 1 (720x480)
    • Back to the Future 2 (960x540)
    • Back to the Future 3 (960x540)
    • Soul Surfer (960x540)
    • Goosebumps 2 (960x540) No longer available...
    My list contains 78 titles assuming I added these last three:
    • Wreck it Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)
    • Yogi Bear (2012)
    • Zathura (2005)

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