Netflix Provider does not have HD Content for Download

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by zero269, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    I've just started using AnyStream and was pleased with how well it works with Prime but was unable to test it with Netflix before purchasing the license.

    I'm using AnyStream v1.0.4

    I'm able to download HD content from Prime, but not Netflix, even though I have the HD content available for viewing outside of AnyStream.

    For example:
    • Back to the Future 1 (720x480)
    • Back to the Future 2 (960x540)
    • Back to the Future 3 (960x540)
    • Soul Surfer (960x540)
    • Goosebumps 2 (960x540)
    and the list goes on...

    Am I missing something here, or is everyone seeing the same thing who have the Premium Netflix plan...?

    UPDATE 1 at 2020-10-13 @ 1750 PDT

    It appears that some titles are available in 1920x1080, but not all even though they show an HD version available like the ones I listed above.

    Here are some that had 1920x1080 (or similar) available from the list
    • Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1920x1080)
    • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1920x1080)
    • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1920x1080)
    • Airplane (1920x1080)
    • The Croods (1920x1080)
    • Extraction (1920x1080)
    However, I'm finding many titles with no more than (960x540).

    UPDATE 2 at 2020-10-14 @ 1542 PDT

    I will rephrase my question here now that I have more experience with AS.

    The issues I reported above, are they inherent to AS or Netflix?

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  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Code your links please! We don't want netflix's attention on this forum

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  3. Mirai

    Mirai Well-Known Member

    Yes the same for me in seens that seens that are some bit of issue with anystream
  4. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    I doubt it's an issue with AnyStream.

    It's probably what's available for that title and therefore what the Provider is supplying.

    Not all titles are available at the 1920 X 1080 resolution on these sites.

    In fact, quite a lot of them aren't.

    Purely dependent on the source material.

    Now, if you have something like a brand-new Netflix original series, and it's not 1920 X 1080, that would be odd.

  5. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    The issues I reported above, are they inherent to AS or Netflix?

    As much as I'd like to blame it on Netflix, I'm confident the content is supposed to be HD for the titles I've listed. They all have the HD indicator which is easy for anyone to confirm on their end within their Netflix account despite testiles proposed theory on the situation.

    The 720x480 & 960x540 are not considered HD by any standard, and so this is why I allude to AnyStream as the culprit... for now.

    So, this is why I'm rephrasing my original question just in case the Dev Team is already aware of this, and if not, please pass it on to them.

    Thank you...
  6. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    All the titles on your first list play only at the lower resolutions in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.) under Windows, but in full HD (1920x1080) in the Netflix app.

    You can easily verify that by hitting "Alt-Ctrl-Shift D" when playing, which will bring up a lot of technical info.

    Actually, nothing will play at a greater resolution than 1280x720 in the web browsers, but that doesn't stop AnyStream from downloading in full HD. But when Netflix only supplies SD to the browsers, AnyStream can't seem to bypass that restriction.
  7. Mirai

    Mirai Well-Known Member

    But why cant anystream not find the HD sources on Netflix. Many movies has HD sources. Should not a freash download could download dir from the server location?

    ANY Stream seens only be a program as download the Browser stream aslo like a good nothing between screen recorder and downloader. For if that was a full downloader that should be possible to download the movies in HD as have HD (Many movies didnt have hd on ANystream but have that on netflix app so Netflix servers have them in hd....
  8. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    AnyStream asks the provider CDN for the highest quality streams it can provide. It's then up to the CDN servers to feed it, AnyStream can't force things. It's not specifically coded to not get hd. In fact many sources do provide HD. Did some myself over on the Amazon side just yesterday.

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  9. windevine

    windevine Member

    try via Microsoft Edge you would have the film in question in 1080p without worries .
  10. whirlpool

    whirlpool Well-Known Member

    Using recent AS movie downloads from Netflix (Premium Plan) and a series download from Amazon, playing the MP4 files on an Oppo 203 source info shows 1920x1080 in all cases.
    Is there really an issue here ?
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  11. windevine

    windevine Member

    Netflix and a special case it offers 1080p only on some browsers, when amazon allows 1080p on any browsers .
  12. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    Sure, but just like in a high end shop not all customers are always treated equally, and offered the same goods.

    So when "mr N.E. Stream" comes into the shop and asks for Back to the Future 1, the shopkeeper says: Sure, even though I don't like you, I can still offer you this download in 720x480! Sorry, that's all I have. Take it or leave it!

    But later, when "mr N.F. App" comes into the store, the shopkeeper excitedly greets him, reaches under the counter, and takes out his premium goods! For you, our dear valued regular customer, we can of course offer you Back to the Future 1 in full HD 1920x1080!

    So the question is, can "mr N.E. Stream" pretend to be a loyal and trusted customer, and be offered the premium goods? :sneaky:
  13. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    That used to be the case, but I don't think it is anymore with the latest version of the Edge browser.
  14. windevine

    windevine Member

    nothing has changed Netflix still offers 1080p on Edge browser and even 4K
  15. whirlpool

    whirlpool Well-Known Member

    My experience with AS so far is that if HD is available, that’s what gets downloaded. Am I just pretending to be mr N. E. Stream (pretending to be a loyal and trusted customer, and be offered the premiumgoods ?)
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  16. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    Usually, yes, but not always. Have you tried any of the movies in zero269's list?
    • Back to the Future 1 (720x480)
    • Back to the Future 2 (960x540)
    • Back to the Future 3 (960x540)
    • Soul Surfer (960x540)
    • Goosebumps 2 (960x540)
    They all play fine in 1920x1080 in Netflix's own app, and in Edge on some (not all) computers. But AnyStream won't download them in full HD.
  17. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    After trying a few different computers, I can say that Edge will indeed play full HD 1080p on some computers, but not all. I don't have any 4K monitors, so I can't say anything about that.
  18. whirlpool

    whirlpool Well-Known Member

    Will report back.
    None of those available on UK Netflix !!
    Could try Goosebumps 1 ?
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  19. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    Some more suggestions:
    • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (J. Depp)(720x480)
    • Spider-man into the Spider-Verse (960x540)
    • Fast & Furious 7 (960x540)
    • Gremlins (960x540)
    • Joker (J. Phoenix)(960x540)
    All of them play flawlessly at 1920x1080 in the Netflix app, but will only download by AnyStream at a much lower resolution as noted above.
  20. whirlpool

    whirlpool Well-Known Member

    Goosebumps 1 : 960x540

    But, that's the first AS Netflix download I've come across that's not 1920x1080
    Plays at 1920x1080 in Edge

    Could Netflix be upscaling based on the browser ?
    Happy with AS, even on Netflix, the latest download material seems to be predominately 1920x1080.
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