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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by ward97, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. ward97

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    I hope you can help me, I have two concerns:
    1-The quality of the videos for example: Star Trek Discovery S03E01, 1080p only weighs 853mb while on other sides of the same netflix they weigh 2.2gb, it seems to me that a lot of difference.
    2-The complete subtitles for example do not download them, only the forced ones
    And I have version
  2. Mollenoh

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    1. Yes, I too get a download size of 853 Mb.
    What's interesting is that when streaming with the Netflix app, I get a bitrate of 5360 kbps which, as you say, would amount to a file size in excess of 2 Gb.
    However, when streaming with the Edge browser, I get no more than 2121 kbps which would roughly correspond to the downloaded size of 853 Mb.
    And finally, when downloading within the Netflix app, Netflix reports a downloaded size of 830.9 Mb -- not much different from the one by AnyStream.

    My guess is that this is probably in some ways related to the problem that some movies can only be downloaded by AnyStream in SD resolution. What Netflix actually offers is most likely dependent on how you introduce yourself to Netflix. -- If you come into the store as a fashionable and favored customer, the shopkeeper will reach under the counter and bring out his premium goods. :sneaky:

    2. I can't reproduce that problem. I get both forced and complete subtitles if I have that checked.

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  3. whirlpool

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    I had already noted the small AS download size for Star Trek Discovery S03E01, but when I stream using edge I get the higher bitrate and it reports 1920x1080.
    But your finding that even with the Netflix app itself, the download size is no better than the size from the AS download is interesting.
  4. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    About the subtitle problem - perhaps you have AnyStream set to embed the subtitles in the .mp4-file?

    I always download my subtitles as separate .srt-files since I find it to be the most flexible and reliable way, compatible with all mediaplayers.
  5. ward97

    ward97 Member

    I configured it to be srt and at the time before downloading I select them, both the complete one, and the forced one, I downloaded it again and the same result.
    My netflix account is the best so to speak.
  6. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    If the SRT files are for the same language and have the same filename, one may be overwriting the other.

    I know your two file have the same language but not sure if a different filename would be generated for the forced caption file.

    If not, that may explain your situation.

  7. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    No, they shouldn't share the same filename. Here's what I got after successfully downloading both the forced and regular subtitles:
    Star Trek- Discovery - s03e01 - That Hope Is You, Part (38,976 bytes)
    Star Trek- Discovery - s03e01 - That Hope Is You, Part (881 bytes)

    (I have my own filename template: <show name> - s01e02 - <episode title>.mp4)
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  8. testiles

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    Ah, ok Mollenoh, good to know.

    But yours is working, right?

    Maybe for some reason it's different in ward97's case?...

    ward97, as a test, maybe you can download them individually and see if you get an SRT file in both cases.

    If you do, check that the filenames are different.

    They should be, according to what Mollenoh sees, but it's worth checking.

    Also, if you get the regular Subtitle file when only selecting it, you may be able to just use that, because from what I've seen, the content of the forced subtitle track is also included there.