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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by blue2245, May 30, 2021.

  1. blue2245

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    I'm getting a persistent error with each new release of Anystream where most of my Netflix download attempts will freeze before completion and then just never progress further.

    I have tried different computer setups. Fresh installs of the software, clearing my browser cache (suggestion found on an earlier thread). I've messed with the speed settings, and I've tried not downloading surround sound. I still seem to run into this problem. I've attached an astlog.

    I don't know if it's helpful information to note, but when I do hit abort AS does complete conversion up to the point it stopped downloading and that video plays fine in VLC with the right audio and subtitles selected.

    I would say 2 out of 5 download attempts are successful.

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  2. Prospere

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    Thanks for the log!
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  3. Justin Fowles

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    Yeah happing to me to hasent been fixed in the last 2 versions

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  4. Prospere

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    I sent you a PM regarding this issue about a week ago. Never got any reply.
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  5. blue2245

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    I believe I found a solution to the issue I was having. I decided to connect to my vpn and try a few downloads after was giving the same results. I was able to download 4 netflix titles in a row fast and with no issues. So, I believe my ISP is to blame here.
  6. DQ

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    Are you using a speed of "unlimited"?

    EDIT- The reason I ask because I am just trying to figure out what your ISP would be keying in on and then how are they affecting your traffic so that you see this error.

    My guess (at this point) is they have decided that you can only stream as fast as X mb per second to certain CDNs and anything over they are using RED on. Which stands for random early detection. This is a QOS mechanism that randomly drops packets in an effort to slow the stream without breaking it. However I think that might be causing AS some heartache.

    This is all just a guess. It's just fun to try to figure out.

    EDIT2 - It's also quite possible your own router is doing this with RED. You might check into that for the heck of it. It might not do it via VPN because the speed never goes over X or due to the payload encryption it cannot tell. Just a thought.
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  7. blue2245

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    Read first message I mentioned I was adjusting Speed Settings in an attempt to find a work around. This wasn't a recent development but happened over various releases where only Netflix downloads (Amazon and D+ where never affected) would freeze and hang.

    Whatever port or server AS connects to to download my ISP is more than likely throttling the connection to it preventing downloads to come to a snail pace. Not unusual for my ISP to do as other streaming service I subscribe to I cannot view their streams unless I have a VPN connected. Case in point I tried to download a particular season 1 episode of Umbrella Academy 5 times in a row this morning after released. Only to have to abort the downloads because it would just not complete. It would freeze at different points each time. Since using my VPN with AS I'm into Season 2 now. Episodes play back no issues and are downloading in under 2 minutes on unlimited.

    I'm not the most technically inclined, but I know enough to know this workaround is working for me. I know others have issues with VPNs and this program, but I'm not connecting to a server in a different country in a n attempt to access region limited content.
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  8. DQ

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    It's probably more complex than that. They might know specifically who the servers are in your region that are serving NF. They might even be working with NF to do this, like maybe part of the COVID stay at home stuff.

    It would be interesting to see if you tried to download a single episode at 1x if it worked without a hitch. If it did then you would know for sure it was a speed limiting issue. Again , I suspect they are using a drop mechanism to try to slow your stream speed and this could be ticking off AS and hence the frozen d/l.

    In any case, pretty crummy of an ISP to do such a thing in my summation.
  9. blue2245

    blue2245 Member

    1x speed was crazy. It would jump to 12% within seconds (which is odd but it did that with every download I threw at it with that speed) and then it just did nothing. I once left a download just going while I went out for a store run and food. I came back and download only jumped up 16% an hour or so had passed it was a 30 minute show.

    4x speed was probably the worst And I honestly can't remember what 2X did.
  10. RedFox 1

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    The developers would love to see a log file from the newest 1140 version. No issue can be explained as good as posting a logfile.
  11. blue2245

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    You got it.

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