Netflix and Microsoft DRM

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    I use AnyDVD with Clone DVD. My OS is WinXP SP3.

    I attempted to use the Netflix Instant Movie Viewer for the first time. During its installation, I was presented with a warning window which indicated that it recognized a problem with Microsoft DRM protection and needed to readjust its management settings. It asked for permission and I declined, aborting the installation.

    BTW, I'm not trying to burn Netflix streams, just watch them.

    Has anyone else encountered this and does their AnyDVD work after allowing the Netflix installer to do whatever it wants to do with the MS DRM settings? I fear MS will disable AnyDVD if I allow it to tinker with the DRM settings.
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    Yep You Bet

    I kept getting that when I built my HTPC after installing an EVGA8600GT video card. Previously using the EVGA out to a converter it had worked but after the install of the V card had to trick the puter into thinkig it was runing in dual mode(MY tv IS NOT hdcp compliant) sincesaid trick which was posted in this forum I have had no problems with ANYDVDHD or with netflix video streaming.
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    sondeterra, thanks for your reply.

    Here's the irony: my evga 8800GT AKIMBO is running in dual mode, driving twin ViewSonic monitors (older, not HD compliant). Any other thoughts?

    My main fear is disrupting the operation of AnyDVD should I tick "OK" when that warning about Microsoft DRM comes up during the Netflix Viewer installation. Did that happen to you?
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    Netflix DRM

    If a stranger comes into your flat and asks you to handcuff yourself to the washbasin in your bathroom, would you comply? And what would happen next?
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    I see now............

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    No problems no disruptions with AnyDVD.