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  1. Frank

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    Customer: Sorry for my delay. I've completed my trial, and your software is pretty good. Can you recommend other companies and their software that I might try, who might have a lower price point and still yet deliver what I actually need?

    This does not deserve a comment.
  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    there's no match to slysoft stuff lol and why would a any business for that matter tell ppl where to find software that does similiar stuff for a lesser price. that aint good business. Lol
  3. whatever_gong82

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    Some people want the best things in life for Free.

    NEWSFLASH: not all things in life are Free.

    Besides, stuff like Slysoft's, Apple Computer stuff, a Rolls Royce, are worth their price because they put $$ in making it the best in their respective field.

  4. IcePhoenix

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    And here i thought i had seen any kind of stupid this world had to offer... Sometimes you get quite shocked :bang: :bang: :bang:

    I second Ch3vr0n at that, nothing beats SlySoft's products. I've tried a few, including the silly Fab products. I'm still shaking my head even after the un-installation has completed :doh:
  5. ricoman

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    Dear Sir,
    I really liked the Chevy Malibu that I test drove at your dealership the other day. Could you recommend a comparable, cheaper Ford product that I might buy?:bang:
  6. Hawk

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    I must acknowledge this is one of the priceless moments. I am having hard time believing it myself.

    @ Frank
    You could say sure open browser and point to

    Seriously, I have tried anydvd, dvdfab, makemkv, 1Click dvd copy and few more. But nothing beat anydvd when it comes to performance and quality of finish product.
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  7. Hawk

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    Well you can always find lower price but for quality nothing beats Slysoft. You get what you pay for in the end.