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  1. thedatman

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    I was wondering are you guys using this much for playback? How is it? any problems?

    I have a few problems with 3319a and I'm sure someday I will buy it. It's just that my wife is already going to make me sleep with the dog when we get the visa bill . But if it works on most everything. I'm gonna get.
  2. Octavean

    Octavean Well-Known Member

    What are you using it with, Blu-Ray or HD DVD?

    Nero Showtime has its flaws just like PowerDVD Ultra 7. I have Nero 7 Ultra Edition, which I won as part of a prize package in a Microsoft sponsored sweepstake, and I bought the HD plug-in (~$25 USD). I also recently bought Nero 8 Ultra but it was essentially free after rebate ($50 rebate and $20 rebate which I have already received). I have yet to re-try its Blu-Ray / HD DVD prowess though.

    If you want a cost effective software test you can try the "Arcsoft TotalMedia Extreme trial" which has Blu-Ray and HD DVD support:
  3. captain_video

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    You don't need the full commercial version of Nero to get Showtime 4. I just picked up a copy of Nero 8 Essentials (i.e. the OEM version) on ebay for about $10 and then bought the HD plug-in. I use PowerDVD 3319a for full HD-DVD and Blu-Ray rips but I use Nero Showtime 4 for playing back the stripped-down .m2ts and .evo files. Both programs work well for me.
  4. skypx

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    I've been using ShowTime 4 with Vista 64 since Nero 8 was released, it works great with DVDs but it's a crap shoot with Blu-ray and HD DVDs. (even with AnyDVD HD disabled) IMHO it is a complete waste of money.... :disagree:

    Playback with Blu-ray and HD DVD improved with version but if I knew then what I know now I would have been satisfied with PowerDVD Ultra and we all know PowerDVD Ultra is a POS. :D
  5. hlkc

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    Hi Octavean,

    Do you know the Japanese trial version you posted is same as the US trial version here? The reason why I asked is because I tried the US trial version and it is no good for my set up, XP with AMD GC.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. HungrySnake

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    Have you read the system requirements
    I'm liking this ArcSoft software. The only thing it doesn't play is BD+ from HDD. Movies like 3:10 To Yuma and Ratatouille that don't work with PowerDVD and Nero8 are playing like they should with ArcSoft. As for Nero8 don't waste your money like I did.
  7. captain_video

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    I haven't found Showtime 4 to be any sort of a crapshoot as you claim, at least not when using it for single file playback. It works perfectly for m2ts or evo file playback. However, it does not work for me when attempting to play back a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disk ripped to folders on my hard drive, but that's why I also have PowerDVD Ultra.

    I don't know that PowerDVD Ultra is a POS, at least not when using versions 3104a or 3319a. Lots of people bitch and complain about it but I have never had the problems that many have claimed. It works great for playing back full DVD rips from either HD-DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. I use it for all BD+ discs and any other discs that I either can't strip or don't feel like stripping due to the extra work involved (i.e., BD discs that have m2ts files all over the place and out of sequence).

    In short, both programs do exactly what I need them to do and they do them well. If they don't work then there are other issues at play that need to be resolved. Get them figured out and the programs work as they should, plain and simple. 99% of software problems are usually the result of other issues on the PC, whether it be corrupted files, a rogue virus, bad drivers, or whatever. Give your PC a thorough housecleaning and inspection and you'll be surprised how many buggy software programs suddenly start working the way they should.
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