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Nero Showtime does NOT work with AnyDVD HD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by dmm, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. dmm

    dmm New Member

    See attached "Cannot play this media file." error message screen shot. My setup:

    Anydvd HD ( also tried the new, Nero 7 ultra enhanced with HD DVD plugin Showtime (version, Windows XP, XBOX 360 HD-DVD drive. My ATI x1600 video card is NOT HDCP capable. I am using HDMI/DVI out to a Projector.

    I am trying to play King Kong HD-DVD. I load the DVD, Anydvd gives me a popup that it is load the disk and to wait and it seems to work properly without error. Then Nero Showtime expands out the video window and goes all black as the disk spins up. Then I get the error message below.

    Here is the error message I get from Nero Showtime:

    Attached Files:

  2. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    I'm really peeved at Nero! After spending 25 USD for the Showtime plugin I got the same error as you. I've seen other posts touting that Nero Showtime works for HD playback but not for me.

    I contacted Nero support about this problem and the only response I got back was that the Showtime HD plugin does not support commercial Blu-ray playback.

    If CloneDVD2 provided burn verification and supported HD DVD and Blu-ray burning, I would abandon Nero altogether.

    I suggest you get Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra. It's not perfect, but at least it plays both HD DVD and Blu-ray content.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2007
  3. wdgoldstein

    wdgoldstein Beta Tester


    I get the identical message with or without AnyDVD/HD
  4. wdgoldstein

    wdgoldstein Beta Tester

    ATI Problem?

    I notice I have my choice of 2 errors in Nero Showtime. If I enable hardware accelleration I get screen opening then can not play this type of media message. If I turn accelleration off I get thew cannot build graph error. I have an ATI X1950 (HDCP) with the latest drivers and an HDCP monitor. I suspect that showtime and the ATI drivers don't get along. Those of you having showtime problems, do you all have ATI cards?

    Has anyone with an ATI got showtime running with a HD-DVD? If so what version of the catalyst drivers are you running?
  5. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm using ATI X1950 cards, but I'm only using Catalyst 7.2 because of incompatiblities with my Intel motherboards.
  6. GTakacs

    GTakacs Member

    Same issues here. One movie gives the can't build graph message (ripped Happy Feet from HDD) while others give the corrupt file error (King Kong from HD-DVD with or without AnyDVD, The Departed from HDD).

    I am running ATI 7.1 on a Radeon X1650 Pro HDMI with HDCP.

    The card and the system works perfectly fine with PowerDVD. I just wanted to try Nero because Happy Feet playback is semi-broken (no menus and constant subtitles) with PowerDVD, plus I wanted to try to play back movies on my non-compliant system in the bedroom (It has an on-board Intel 950 graphics with DVI to HDMI).

    I have contacted tech support and asked for a flippin' refund. I just spent $75 on Nero, I had to buy the upgrade to nero 7 from 6.6 just for this nonsense.
  7. Octavean

    Octavean Well-Known Member

    Running Nero 7 with the “Blu-ray / HD DVD” plug-in with an eVGA 8800GTS card (HDCP) and a ViewSonic N3250W HDTV (HDCP) in Vista RC2.

    Showtime works for me.

    However, hardware acceleration typically defaults to off without the use of AnyDVD HD. If hardware acceleration if off it’s a bit choppy with quasi 100% CPU usage.

    If AnyDVD HD is used hardware acceleration will work but there are some occasional blocky screens but typically it remains smooth.

    I suspect a driver related issue but the program is serviceable for me. I received Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced FREE as part of a sweepstakes prize package and just bought the Plug-in for HD DVD playback only,…..so far the best ~$25.99 ever spent.
  8. wdgoldstein

    wdgoldstein Beta Tester

    ATI Problem?

    From the posts it appears that the culpret are the Catalyst drivers 7.1-7.3, ATI does not work and NVidia does.

    I am running Vista 32 with my ATI drivers. Are you ATI folk running XP or Vista?

    As to the Nero Folk, why I wonder, do they claim that the ATI card is compatable (their info tool also says so) when none of us can get it to work? Was this an assumption without any testing? BTW I have sent 3 emails to them with no substitive reply. Just that they don't support "Ripped" discs and that it is illegal. I told them that without AnyDVD?HD loaded and an original disc inserted the problem is the same. No reply. Also just for the record they have the option to play from HD folder. Now what good is that is it does not support "Ripped" media???
  9. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    For weeks I've tried to get the plugin to work with both XP and Vista, using ATI 1950s, with no success. Because of this I won't be buying anymore Nero products and I'm going to start sending emails to manufacturers and vendors to encourage them to stop including Nero software with their products.

    I abhor the way they make you buy a ton of crapware in order to get the few programs that are worth having, I've always thought that their user interfaces suck, and they never seem to listen to feedback. I really hate to say this, but I think they suffer from a German superiority complex.
  10. GTakacs

    GTakacs Member

    I'm running XP MCE. The reason why I use the 7.1 Driver is because the 7.3 driver had underscan problems with 1080p on my display (A known bug by ATI yet they don't seem to care to fix it) and 7.1 driver has a workaround the problem. The 7.3 Driver also gives "incompatible display driver" error with PowerDVD Ultra while 7.1 seems to be working fine.

    It seems like that when you buy cutting edge stuff you end up being a beta tester for the product....

    I am very pissed at Nero and ATI but hey, what can I do? It's not like they forced me to buy their stuff. Sure, I should expect a working product for my money but if it doesn't, that's just tough cookies.

    I sent Nero an e-mail yesterday about the issue, no response as of yet. I did not mention ripped movies, I just stated that it does not work with King Kong playing back from the x-box360 HD-DVD player and my system plays back movies just fine using PowerDVD 7.3 but not Nero.