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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Jont, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Jont

    Jont Member

    Hi, hope this is of use to someone... but have finally come up with a winning combination. Have been messing around with my HD setup for weeks. However using powerdvd 7.3 (build 2911 I think) it was still hit and miss with some HD-DVDs.

    I've installed the latest version of Nero Showtime with the HD/blu ray plugin. For some reason, it recognises the xbox 360 drive but produces an error because the HD-DVD has AACS protection. However, of course anydvd strips out this protection and lets my HD-DVDs play great.

    The info in nero showtime shows 1080 output at 23.8fps and its let me watch the HD-DVDs I couldn't get to work with powerdvd.

    My sata blu-ray drive should arrive this week and can't wait to test that too. Am just purchasing my Anydvd licence now (hopefully my matrix boxset will arrive today).
  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Be aware that Nero Showtime won't play BD movie discs. For BD movies PowerDVD still is your only choice.
  3. Jont

    Jont Member

    Really? Didn't know that... I thought they added BD support long ago and it was HD-DVD they took their time with. Although, I already bought powerdvd ultra anyway so I can give it a try with both.
  4. mick2006

    mick2006 Well-Known Member

    They did, you can play Blu Ray discs with Nero Showtime, that is all I use. I don't even mess with Powerdvd because it is so unstable.
  5. Jont

    Jont Member

    Thats great news, Nero has been really stable so far whereas Powerdvd is very picky about which HDs it will play.

    Also, I contacted support about a common PowerDVD problem (subtitles stuck on) and they replied saying that unless I could name 3 HD-DVDs that suffered this problem then it was a problem with how the HD disc was produced! I was really pleased to see that nero has subtitles on/off.

    BTW, just watching Matrix Reloaded... the PQ is fantastic, playback in Nero is really smooth. AnyDVD took care of the trailers/logos/warnings/legal/pirate warnings and removed the aacs so it just starts the main feature as soon as I insert the disc :D

    Also, I noticed Showtime outputs a constant 23.8fps, I'm hoping this will solve the slight stutter with PowerDVD running at 25fps (can't remember the technical name for it).
  6. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Have you installed PowerDVD Ultra 7.3 using the full version? I haven't had any problems playing either HD DVD or Blu-ray titles with it. If you haven't, then request the full version from Cyberlink and use it instead.

    Be careful about what SATA connector you use for your Blu-ray drive. In my experience, they won't work on Intel SATA controllers.
  7. me-eyes

    me-eyes Member

    Hmmm - I bought a plugin and still can't get Nero Showtime to play BD - it says it is not supported :( How'd you manage it?
  8. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I am curious, too. AFAIK Nero Showtime only supports BDAV, not BDMV which is used on commercial movie discs.
  9. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    James, just tried it and Nero Showtime works under Vista 32 if you do a right click 'Open With' on the .m2ts movie file.

    I don't like doing it this way however.
  10. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    but using the right click option is not playing a blu-ray disc, but playing an m2ts file, It doesn't support playing back a properly authored blu-ray bdmv disc using the menu structure.
    I'd be interested to know what films powerdvd wouldn't play as I have around 60 blu-ray and 40 HD-dvd's and they all play fine from the original discs on my PC
  11. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    What region are you in because I haven't been able to get it to work in Region 1?

    I have a large selection also but , so I don't have to try everything, please suggest a few popular movies.

    PS - The only movie I've found that won't work with PowerDVD is 'Stomp the Yard' Blu-ray. Showtime plays it but the audio is out of sync.
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  12. Jont

    Jont Member

    Initially I was using the patched version of powerdvd, but Cyberlink tech support sent me a link to the full one. So I uninstalled and reinstalled using the full version but still the same problem.

    The lastest 2 problems with powerdvd:

    "The Hitcher" combo HD-DVD. This is really annoying because sometimes it plays without a problem, sometimes the audio stops as soon as the main feature starts, usually I get a "memory could not be written" error as soon as the main feature starts. Works fine in showtime.

    Also, even with this latest version, I believe it was the first Matrix HD-DVD... I started playback and its got subtitles on, so restart, still got subtitles. Third time lucky the subtitles are gone! Not a big deal, but it distracts me when I'm watching a film and my PC is in another room (so I have to go from room to room to troubleshoot these things!).

    Thanks for the tip. I've got both Intel and Gigabyte sata controllers next to each other, so I'll make sure to use the Gigabyte ones.

    Also, looks like I spoke too soon, Matrix 1+2 work fine in showtime. Matrix 3 I have to watch in powerdvd... I don't really mind which app I use (since I bought both anyway), as long as I can play all my HD's. Showtime throws a c++ runtime error as soon as Matrix 3 starts!
  13. me-eyes

    me-eyes Member

    Hmmm - just tried this with a rip of 'Hollywood Land' and while I can play all the extras, the actual movie file will not play ball. I get an "error reading file" message - might just be my rip I guess. I'll try another...

    As has been said before Nero apparently doesn't support the native playing of commercial BD - and it's a pretty long-winded step having to rip the discs to your HDD just in order to watch them with Showtime :doh:
  14. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    So far I've never had a disc not play in the latest version of powerdvd (2911) Don't have 'Stomp the yard' and not ever likely to get it. Like I said earlier Showtime won't play back bdmv folders, so if you're just playing the m2ts file then I wouldn't know why it's not working as I've never played back films that way
  15. orc brute

    orc brute Active Member

    i have nero 7, where do you get the hd /blu ray plugin as i have looked on their site and cant find anything i would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction, thanks:)
  16. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

  17. orc brute

    orc brute Active Member

    hi thanks for the link i was loking in the downloads section :doh:
  18. bachuka

    bachuka Well-Known Member

    I'm having some minor playback issues with PDVD 7.3 patch 2911, I have a 8600 gts with latest drivers, and a mitsibushi 1080p projector, its connected via a dvi to hdmi cable. Only with HDDVD movies after about 10-15 mins of watching the movie, the video has a slight pause for about 1 sec and then it resumes again, its annoying.....any ideas?
  19. Jont

    Jont Member

    Does this happen with all HD-DVDs? I realise you don't want to do this often, but if you play the HD-DVD from the hard disc does it still have the pause? (assuming you are using a HD-DVD drive currently).

    I was watching Matrix Revolutions with PowerDVD and in one particular scene, it froze then stuttered a bit before carrying on. I went back to this scene and the next time it was fine. I get the impression that the Xbox 360 drive I'm using is very sensitive though.
  20. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Only ever used my 360 drive for ripping on my PC, but never had a glitch when playing back on the 360