nero 7 updated

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by kyrunner, May 22, 2007.

  1. kyrunner

    kyrunner Well-Known Member

    just a heads up nero 7 has been updated
  2. customshopkv1

    customshopkv1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Zeratul

    Zeratul Well-Known Member ?!?!? they are going to run out of version numbers really soon. (what happened to being like nero 6 and ending around 6.6?)
  4. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    Maybe they'll just increase the length of version numbers (ie It wouldn't shock me in the least. Neither would I be shocked if Nero 8 is on the horizon.
  5. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Okay, I need help (hangs head in shame) . . .

    Previously, when logging into Nero's old "My Nero" (before they switched over to this new registered user site that's a lot worse), there use to be a link to a page that provided a CHM file that basically installed all the Nero help files (contained all of the chm files--not just one).

    Now all I see is this:

    Where is the page that contains the one big CHM file (not a bunch of single ones)?

    Oh and by the way, Nero use to provide its own separate download link to private ftp servers for registered users only. That's not the case anymore either. :(

    Nero AG is starting to bug me.
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  6. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Nevermind. I think I found the file (but not the webpage that listed the file):

    It's good that Nero lets users browse around their ftp directories. Otherwise, I would never be able to find what I want.
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  7. Zeratul

    Zeratul Well-Known Member

    if you go to the normal update page ( and look at the part underneath the file size where it says "Help files: Not integrated in the software. (Download)"
    that is the single combined help file. (i believe it is also the same one you found)
  8. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Oh, o.k, thank you very much. There use to be a full webpage listing that file in every single language, but I can't find it anymore. Oh well . . .
  9. Zeratul

    Zeratul Well-Known Member

    if it was in the "my nero" part i wouldn't know. :eek: i gave up on that a while back when i found a new update on the regular update page a couple times before the "my nero" section had been updated and still had the old version.
  10. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Yeah, that happened a lot. I just mess around with different ftp numbers now and hope I find one that's quick.
  11. khlb

    khlb Well-Known Member

  12. mechnut450

    mechnut450 Member

    yeah I like the new nero 7.0 with the only draw back is on 8.5 dvd you can't select the speed to burn it at max all teh time .

    also was wonder does anyone know if it possble ot combine 2 iso images intoa larger disk ??

    example : i have several dvd that are less than 4 gb iso imags.. and I like to combine 2 of the smaller isos into a larger dvd 9 setup ( they the same series .. ) or do I need to find a 3rd party software would be nice if nero had this ..
  13. Zeratul

    Zeratul Well-Known Member

    you could rip the contents of the iso and then burn them, but that is not really combining them.

    you could mount both isos on something like daemon tools, use nero vision (or recode, dont remember which) to import them as part of a compilation, and then burn that. (you will probably loose menus, but other than that it should be fine.)

    either way i would burn to an image before you burn to a disk (select image burner as the destination on nero), so that you can make sure it worked right. :)