Nero 6 and What ELSE for mpeg4 and clone copy?

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    Just purchased an external Memorex 16X DVD recorder that came with "free" Nero 6 software. I am a bit of a newbie re DVD, encryption, etc. and I have a couple questions that I am hoping some part of this form can help me with.

    1. I am not sure what Slysoft product or products I need to purchase to enable me to easily copy DVD irregardless of encryption. Can someone tell me what SlySoft products I should be ordering? I cannot seem to find any sort of telehone number I can call to help me order the right stuff...only on screen "click" optioins and I am not sure what I should be clicking. I want to be sure I can make some copies of the Disney movies the grand kids are frequently destroying/damaging.

    2. I have a lot of grand children movies of sports events and dance recitals that we took on an Olympus CZ770 camera that are in MPEG4 or Quicktime format. When I first got the Memorex recorder about a month ago I was able to successfully copy or move over some of the MPEG4/.MP4 files from our hard drive to the DVD recorder using Nero 6 software features that came with the recorder. When I went to copy more over tonight the Nero product said I needed to upgrade to a difference version of Nero - Nero 8 or something. Is there a Slysoft product/version option that will do this for me or do I need to also upgrade to Nero 8 or ???

    Any all support is welcome!
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    here goes

    For movies you will need Anydvd (takes out the encryption on discs)and CloneDVD and maybe CloneCD too. CloneCD is good if you are going to make (DL) dual layer discs of of movies you have and want the copies to be the same. You can compress movies with CloneDVD so you can just copy the movie but you will still need Anydvd to do this. For what you are doing with Nero you should be able to still do what you have done without up grading. The Nero that comes with the drives is not a full version of Nero so it may just let you do somethings for a limited time. So I would just go buy it. You can find it on sale all the time. Slysoft does not have anything for what you are doing with Nero. Good luck. You can download Anydvd , CloneDVD and CloneCD and use it for 21 days before you have to pay for it so go for it and have fun. Slysoft software works Great!!!!!!:D
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    Many drive Do come with the full version - often an older version though.

    If your version of Nero includes Nero Recode (or a free update to get it) ... you'll only need AnyDVD for backing up DVD Movies.