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    I have been using AnyDVD for about 6 months running on a Windows XP Media Center PC with MY Movies as the viewing application. I want to be able to view the same movies on another PC on my network, but Windows Media Player does not recognize the AnyDVD file format. So, does anyone know how to view these movies across the network? What viewing/playback software should I be using to view the ripped movies?
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    Anydvd doesn't convert anything. So it's ripping using the exact same file format that's on the original discs. What you're saying then is that WMP doesn't play the dvd-video standard for you.

    This isn't an Anydvd issue.

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    More on movie viewer

    I understand that AnyDVD does not convert the file, just copies the image. What I am asking is - how do I view the movies once I rip them onto the PC? Can you recommend software I need to install to play back the movie image? Thanks, travelon
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    I see two possible issues: 1) you don't have the proper video codec installed in order for WMP to play dvds

    2) If you're using some sort of network streaming video player, it's possible that it doesn't know how to read .ifo information properly (and thus can't read the dvd video standard properly, in which case something like Clonedvd Mobile with .vob passthrough may be required)

    That said, Media Player Classic is free.
    Powerdvd and Windvd are also popular commercial choices for commercial dvd software players. You may need to install the software players locally on each computer, and then select the video_ts folder from the network drive as the source.
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    Ok this is simple! Setup a network drive store all your movies on it as(DVD.ISO's) use CloneDrive to mount them from the network drive from any computer that has access to the networked Drive... And Bingo you can watch your movies from any computer in your house...

    all you need is a program that will take the dvd once its in your DVD Drive and rip it to an ISO and save it to the network drive you set up... PowerISO works...
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    What's the point? There's no advantage. Either way the files end up being in the exact same format (once mounted) as on the original disc. That's not going to help with respect to his streaming video player not being able to understand .ifos that are required for the dvd-video format. He would still likely need Clonedvdmobile with .vob passthrough.

    There's no advantage to creating an .iso in that case. A player can either handle .ifos or it can't.