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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Falron1, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Falron1

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    Need help with AnyDVD latest version as well as CloneDVD2. I have Grudge 2, Flags OOF and Flicka. on my HDD but I can't seem to burn them? They appear to burn on the blank media disk, but then nothing when I place it in my DVD player? I have the original disks, but tend to travel a lot and I don't like to have the originals a long, due to damage, which maybe the case. But somtimes a disk will play in one player and not the other. I have read multiple threads and to be honest my freakin eyes hurt. Hope someone can help. :confused: :mad: :(
  2. Whisperer

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    What do you mean by "then nothing"? Does your player give you a "No Disk" error message?

    My guess, based on the extreemly loose expaination of your problem is that you are burning to poor quality media.
  3. sockeye

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    Do the files you have on your hard drive play ok with a pc player? If so, they should burn to DVD, and play the same.
    If you are saying that your backup disks play on some players and not others, that could be a problem with the player not supporting the media you are using.
    If you mean that sometimes your backups play and sometimes they don't, it maybe poor media, as Whisperer has told you, or possible outdated burner firmware problem.
    You need to provide more info....look here:
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    See that's the weird thing. The movies play fine on my PC. Once I know there on my HD, I know I can burn them, but not now? The blank media I use never has a problem. I have others that I can use, I'll try those as well. Thanks for the Tip.

    Thanks sockeye and Whisperer. Would you happen to know where a good firmware site is?
  5. Whisperer

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    That is not at all weird. You have a firmware or bad media problem.
    Don't understand what you mean by this statement.
    You have not named the media you are using, you just keep referring to "blank media disks". It does seem like you have a media/firmware problem.
    Again ... what media are you speaking of?
    The drive manufacturers website.

    Please forgive the observation: you are just writing words but providing no information required to help you. If you post back again, please post all the information that sockeye requested. The format for doing that is here:

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    I recently discovered that some players especially the less expensive ones are "selective" in reading media By being selective I mean +R or -R

    My son has a combination LCD DVD playing TV in his RV It will not recognise any +R media It only reads -R media

    I had a neighbor who had 2 players who borrowed a +R coppied movie It would play on this name brand machine but not on his no name brand (a Korean knockoff)

    The KKO brand would only play the -R DVD no mp3 or CD's Go Figure

    So the problem could be the media or player or both
  7. Whisperer

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    Please forgive me but this is not useful information. It's not as simple as a +/- player compatibility situation. It is the brand, media code and speed the disks were burned at issue. And was the +R media bitset to DVD-ROM?

    People ... please provide pertinent information!

    It is very "figurable" ... with correct information provided.