Need some Gudiance with Any DVD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by rallred, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. rallred

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    I have a movie I can not copy it's the new Will ferral one Please help me
  2. RedFox 1

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  3. oldjoe

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    What software, other than AnyDVD, are you using? What specific problems?
  4. rallred

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    I am using any DVD with DVD shrink and also DVD Clone
  5. rallred

    rallred New Member


    I get a redundance cycle check problem!
  6. customshopkv1

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    Is the movie Stranger than Fiction? Use anyDVD with clonedvd2
  7. Webslinger

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  8. Clams

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    This is one of the increasing number of Sony titles that won't work with AnyDVD and Shrink alone. (unless you just wanna rip the main movie).

    Us Shrink lovers are hoping that once Slysoft gets the HD-DVD and Blue-Ray stuff done that this will be revisited.

    The only *easy* FREE solution is the free version of DVDFab. (gotta disable AnyDVD to use it)

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  9. sparkym5

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    You shouldn't need to disable AnyDvd to use DvdFab, under Common Settings in DvdFab you just need to uncheck the option to "Check For On-The-Fly Automatically", it will work fine with the new Version 3 of FAB.
  10. RedFox 1

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    That is absolutely correct. AnyDVD and DVDFab Platnium work great together if you do what sparkym5 has said above.:agree: