Need Playlist for Dog's Way Home

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    I need a correct playlist for A Dog's Way Home. Logfile attached

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    Correct playlist needed for A Dog's Way Home

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  3. Pete

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    There's no protection on this one.
    Also only 5 potential playlists, you can easily find the correct one yourself.

    I don't have the disc, so I can only speculate, but this is what I see:

    playlist 1 is the complete raw main feature.
    playlists 358...361 are the same thing, but with an additional 6 minutes appended, each a different version. Appears to be 4 different versions of the end credits. Why they're different... you'll have to find out for yourselves.
  4. just curious

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    Thanks for the explanation!


    There is a issue with the preview player in CloneBD 64bit

    There is no video in the player. All you see is a green screen

    The preview player works fine with CloneBD 32bit

    See attached jpegs

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