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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by diverjones, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. diverjones

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    Got the movie Nine Lives on Bluray disc the other day. Was going to watch it and before anything else I get this great Hollywood Police State message that this disc REQUIRES and update before I can watch the movie I have. Its a 20th Century Fox release. Sick and tired of being told what I can and can not do with my purchases. So what if my Bluray player is 2012, and it does not have some sort of enforcement for one of their protections built into the disc they STILL have found a way to keep my legally purchased player from playing a bluray movie.

    Well, they said the player needed to be updated before I could play THEIR disc. Thanks AnyDVD and CloneBD I am in the process of making my OWN disc. I bet the movie itself will not requre an updated bluray player. I shall see in 21 hours (the time it takes me to process and burn a bluray. Talk about “skinning a cat”.
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    Wrong section, moved. The AnyDVD sections are reserved for disc related issues only. The only such message I've seen is on PowerDVD and it's because their aacs key database or something needs updating, and that's perfectly normal

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  3. diverjones

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    Sorry for the mis-placement. My player is a set top from Vizio and its a 2012 model. I suspect the disc is checking to see if my player will enforce a certain protection and if it does not it will not allow the player to get to the playlist. Who knows, but I bet I can get around this little problem.
  4. Journbon

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    21 hours to process and burn a bluray? That can't be right.
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    It can. It all depends on how powerful the system is that's being used a clone a disc. My previous 10y old system took between 10-16hrs

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  6. diverjones

    diverjones Well-Known Member

    Yes, between 17 to 21 hours to do a complete clone of the disc, however, its a 9 year old dual core system running Windows Vista. Does the job and well, I do not have to like babysit it, it does its own thing and I am off doing mine. HOWEVER, this stupid movie failed to copy. CloneDB gave transcoder errors and copy failed. Oh, well.
  7. Pelvis Popcan

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    If you're just cloning the whole disc to remove protections, use AnyDVD + ImgBurn. Then burn the image back to a blank BD-R or BD-R/DL.

    Also, have you checked the firmware version of your Vizio hardware player and checked to see if there's actually a newer one available from the manufacturer?
  8. diverjones

    diverjones Well-Known Member

    I have, no new firmware. I actually purchased two re-manufactured because they were cheap and could play 3-D. Been great players and firmware was supposed to be updated automatically on line. When that did not happen on one of them, Started looking for firmware on their website. Could not find any, as these were discontinued. I have only come across two discs in two years that refused to play on account the discs are wanting my player to honor some protection. I am stubborn and am not planning to replace a perfectly good, working