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    I have been searching threads here for a method for joining the m2ts files on some of the seamless branching discs that I have (Walk Hard, The Simpsons, Ratatouille, BlackHawk Down, Waiting, Spiderman 2). I have tries different methods with no complete sucess. I am trying to combine the files on Walk Hard Unrated Version. I used BDEdit v0.17b to find the correct play order for the unrated version. Then I combined the m2ts files with TSSplitter v1.01. Then I remuxed the resulting m2ts file to a new m2ts file keeping only the main video and the TrueHD English audio. For the remuxing I use either tsremux v0.0.20 or tsmuxerGUI v1.7.1. Then I remux the new m2ts file into the BR Disc Format with either muxer program. If I use tsremux, the resulting Blu-ray plays but freezes up after a few seconds no matter where I skip to in the movie. If I use tsmuxerGUI, the resulting blu-ray plays perfect video, but the audio gradually gets more and more out of sync as the film progresses. Does anyone have a perfected method for joining seamless branching discs, and muxing them back into a BR disc format on the HDD?
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    It must have something to do with the true hd audio stream on "Walk Hard" because I just joined and remuxed ratatouille with lcpm audio stream and it came out perfect. Has anyone else tried to join "Walk Hard"?
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    I first joined Walk Hard using tsspliter and used tsremux 2.0 and the audio and video started to go out of sync at the end of the first "joint", and I then used just the newest version of tsmuxer and everything looks good so far (15 minutes in). How far has anyone else gotten with Walk Hard using only tsmuxer?
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    I would check farther into the movie than 15 minutes. When I used tsmuxer, you couldn't really start to notice that the audio was getting out of sync until half way through the movie. By the end of the movie the audio is about a full second behind the video.
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    Solution I used

    I had a devil of a time joining the branches of Enchanted. I did all kinds of combinations of tsmuxer 1.7.4, TsSplitter 1.01, and tsremux. The only thing I got to work and keep the audio in sync was Elecard Xmuxer Pro. I created an .xpl file with all of the m2ts names loaded that in the remux part of Xmuxer and it gave me a working TS file with the correctly sync'd audio. I haven't tried Walk Hard though.
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    Yes i've had varying problems when joining m2ts files. They only play fine in Windows Media Player 11 with Haali Media Splitter.. So, the LONG way to fix it, is re-encode the entire damn thing using x264 and an avisynth script.

    Elecard Xmuxer is one I didn't try.

    I think TSsplitter just joins m2ts files the same way that copy /b does.
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    How do you create a .xpl file for m2ts could you show an example i would love to try this method. Im hoping this would work for all split blu-rays.
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    I have sucessfully joined the m2ts files and created a new Blu-Ray disc format of "Ratatouille", "The Simpsons Movie", and "Waiting" with absolutely flawless results using this method:

    AnyDVD HD (Current Version) - Rip Blu-Ray Movie with seamless branching to hard drive.

    BDedit (v0.17b) - Load up the BDMV folder of the target movie and find the correct m2ts order under the playlist tab.

    TSSplitter (v1.01) - Select "Open for joining" and join the m2ts files in the correct order into a new single m2ts file.

    TsRemux (v.0.020) - Load up your new m2ts file from tsssplitter. Remux into another m2ts file selecting only the video and your audio of choice (I used Lossless PCM for "Waiting" and "Ratatouille", and DTS-HD for "The Simpsons Movie"). (Note: When you load the joined m2ts file, tsremux will not show the correct video length, it will only show the length of the last m2ts file in the join. This is ok though, it will still demux the entire file.)

    TsRemux (v.0.020) - Use this program a second time loading up your new demuxed m2ts file. Make sure to put checkmarks for your video and audio you selected last time. This time select Blu-Ray for the output method.

    Your newly created Blu-ray should playback from the HDD fine using PowerDVD Ultra 3319a.
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  9. hscates

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    To Doombot: just make a txt file with the names of your m2ts files so


    then rename to .xpl

    Also, the method using Elecard Xmuxer Pro creates a ts file which can be played back in any player as long as you have the correct filters. I used it to then re-encode the movie to x264. I could use the joined video from the other methods but my sound would always be off when muxed back into the compressed file. The Xmuxer method worked out fine though.
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    I tried this software and doing what you said but i get (Incorrect input parameters...file does not exist)

    What am i doing wrong here?
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    Be sure to put the .xpl file in the same folder as your .m2ts files.
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    Yes that what i did and got the error.

    Update: i got it to work
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