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    Just bought AnyDVD HD and I just ripped my first Bluray. Been using Netflix for a while, but I didn't think it was ethical to rip their discs. Now the movie I ripped is a copy of "I Am Legend" that I bought. I want to take my fair use to the maximum.

    I want to take a bunch of movies with me on an external HDD, but I want MKV or something like that because the original files are huge.

    How would I go about converting this?
    Currently I own Nero 8, would getting the HD plug in work? Or do I have use something else?

    Sorry if this has been asked already, but I couldn't find any threads on it.

  2. AlphaTeam

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    Does no one know to convert these files?
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    That is almost true, because it is hard. There are no cookbook products that will do it for you.

    You have to possess all the codecs used in the original recording and any you want to use in the new, reduced size (and quality) version. That is the easy part. The Nero HD codecs are used in a number of the methods.

    Then you have to have tools to extract the information in a coherent fashion so that it can be put back with audio sync that won't make you cringe. This is also possible (see tsRemux and similar).

    The tricky part is when an with what parameters you use each part. There are infinite variations, only some of which make sense.

    For one local guide, see A Laymans Guide to Shrinking Bluray Size on Hard Drive. For many more see

    In general, it takes a long time, a fast CPU and close supervision by you, the operator, if you want to shrink it below the level of 'just the movie with a single audio track'.

    Good luck.