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    I've read thru some posts here about editing the XPL file and removing references to the subtitles. On the Band of Brothers HD DVDs from Japan there are 3 sets of subtitle references in the XPL file, so I tried commenting them out (<!... as was suggested in a thread) but the result was my main navigation menu disappeared and I couldnt launch the movies. Next I tried commenting out only the 2nd set of subtitle references (hoping to narrow down what was being affected by the comments) but the result was the same.

    I'm not a code reader but can edit competently with instructions ;) If I post one of the XPL files here, is someone willing to help me figure out what lines should be edited or deleted?

    Your help would save me about 15 pts on my blood pressure. Thx in-advance for any help or suggestions.
  2. sclaws

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    File attached..resaved as a txt file since the source file format isn't supported.

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    Make a backup of the original xpl file for safekeeping. Open up the xpl file and delete every line entry that begins with "<Subtitle track=...". Save the file and you should be able to play back the movie with no subtitles.

    If you have more than one xpl file you may have issues with a blank screen instead of the movie when you attempt to play it back. Rename one of the xpl files with a different extension and then try playing the movie. If the problem still persists, restore the original file extension and rename the other xpl file. Try playback again. Eventually you'll get the right xpl file isolated and the movie will play back.
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    Thx..I'll give that a shot. I so far have only commented out the lines that say 'subtitletrack' as a single word, not with the space.
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    Capt...thx again for the advice--it worked! :)