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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by hpolack, Jul 17, 2007.

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    Is there a format that works for making video output for NDS. I don't see anything in the right size 256x192. Can you customize some how. Also, any future possibility of outputing an DPG file for the DS? DVD FAB did.
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    I posted a message in here a while back asking for the provision of movies in the right format for my Sony Ericsson M600i and got zip response (Thanks SlySoft! Not!)

    So I had a look in the CloneDVD mobile folder and there is a file in there called Devices.ini which you can edit and tweek to make a movie file for your particular device. It took a bit of experimenting but I can now watch movies on my phone. I am sure you could do the same for your NDS.
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    No the NDS requires a format that is pretty non-standard. The DPG format is proprietary and we'd have to implement it manually - though it's rather simple, so I have it on my todo list.

    About not getting an answer: please note, that this is mainly a forum where users exchange their experience - we do occasionally (rather frequently, even) "patrol" the threads and give advice, but if you are looking for a guaranteed answer from SlySoft, use the support form.

    It's not the purpose of this forum (that's why it's a forum).
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    Thanks - It would be cheaper than buying a competitors software pacakge

    Thank You. My only alternative is to buy a competitors software package and that is an expensive alternative since I already own your great and comprehensive software!