National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

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    I am having a problem ripping this title to hard disc. It is the USA version, Region 1, Disc Name "NT20NNW1", National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (2007).

    Per the requirements, I have installed the latest beta, I set default status in settings. What happens is that I end up with a rip with a total size of only 1.36GB, and in turn the main title is only reflecting about 28 minutes of video.

    I found in the forums that as of version, this disc shouldn't have any issues. I will confirm, however, that I tried with the last SlySoft/RedFox hybrid version (, version, and with the same result, right down to the size of the rip.

    I have attached the ziplog file.

    Thank you.

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  2. mmdavis

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    Your likely problem. Might check to see if there are any smudges:
  3. rclarksworld

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    I checked the disc. No smudges. There are a few light scratches, but nothing major, and I've ripped discs in much worse shape. I did clean the disc thoroughly and try again with the same result. It plays fine on a DVD player and VLC.

    The entire process seems to be shorter than the typical rip time. The percentage increments fairly evenly; it doesn't jump up at any point.

    Does that output indicate that it's skipping one bad sector (1084854) or all sectors from 1084854 - 3846608?

    And, if it makes any difference, when I play back what is supposed to be the "Main Title" from the ripped files, it is not the movie. It appears to be 28 minutes starting with a plug for Disney Blu-ray, then previews of the Platinum Sleeping Beauty re-release, Wall-E, Nightmare Before Christmas re-Release, Tinkerbell, and ends with a plug for Disney Parks. The movie itself is nowhere to be found.

    When playing the main movie direct from the disc on VLC, it is Title 4, Chapters 1-19. Selecting Chapter 19 will take you to the menu with Bonus Features highlighted. I tried using dvdbackup on Linux just to see what it would do and it does something I've never seen it do before: It errors out after getting the CSS keys by saying "DVDReadBlocks read 145 blocks of 512 blocks", "Error reading MENU VOB: -1 != 512", then "Mirror of Chapters 1 to 19 in title 4 failed". I also tried just getting chapters 1-18 with the same result. This one is weird.
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    Your disc and / or drive is dirty and / or defective.