Naming ripped ISOs from TheMovieDB?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 172pilot, Aug 1, 2019.

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    I rip my movies so that I can watch them via KODI without having to get up and get the disks out. Pretty sure I'm not alone with that use case.. The problem I've had is that it seems that by default, AnyDVD names the ISO with the volume label, or some other derived file name, which means Kodi may have problems figuring out what the movie is. Kodi likes the ISOs to be named as what the movies are known by on 'TheMovieDB' site so that the metadata can be loaded. I have found that I need to rename many ISOs. Is there something I'm missing that would allow AnyDVD to figure out the right name by itself, or am I missing something easy? Is everyone else looking on TheMovieDB manually to name each ISO?

    Before it's asked - The reason I like ISOs is that I can still use the DVD menus (captions, chapters, menus, etc) from the original DVD if desired..

    THanks in advance!
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    I pretty much just name the .iso file itself to something that makes sense before starting the rip with AnyDVD's Rip-to-Image.

    Then use ImgBurn to change the Volume Label of the .iso.

    But only if the Volume Label of the original disc is unusable or misleading.

    If there's an easier way, I'd like to know too. :=)

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    You're not doing anything wrong, and anydvd is doing things right. It's getting the right name, which is specified during authoring of the disc. There is no wrong way here, if there's some "weird" name, its done during creation. Hell i see titles labeled as nothing more than "DVD", very often. That said, you shouldn't be using the anydvd ripper for ISO's, there's a reason for that warning. If you must have an ISO, use CloneDVD2's image function. You can strip away all the unneeded crap on top AND give it the name you want it to have pretty darn easy.
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    Heh heh, I've seen this too and worse. :=)

    That's what I meant by unusable.

    You're right there is no "right" name, only what the disc creator has authored and that's what AnyDVD uses.

    I thought the OP was asking if there's a way to indicate an alternate Volume Label during the rip.

    Also I was thinking of Blu-Ray and UHD rips, missed that the OP is using DVD (only?)