My raiting after testing the app for 3-4days

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Mirai, Oct 12, 2020.

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    The first look was yes a new app as not take much cpu when downloading. But after testing the app for several days I dont know.

    - Amazon Prime: When you choose to get muxred subs the sub get yo became much large.
    - Amazon Prime audio not becmae good. The Audio I get I think are from another source than Prime. (E-AC-3)
    - Amazon not get real hd screen (1092x800) and not 1920×1080 pixels as are hd. I know that ANYStream cant download real hd but I have never seen 1092x800 before that AnyStream.

    Rating total after downloading several Amazon videos for the Prime part is that Prime download gets 3/5 in raiting

    Now to Netflix

    Netflix downloads are much better general so not a single thing from my site to say s 4/5 that only I wishes now is to could download multi audio.

    So from my sight the program get a strong 3/5 in total rating if Prime downloads where better the rating should be higher.
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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    - cant attest to that, as i only use seperate srt files
    - define "became not good". The streams i download have excellent audio
    - anystream only downloads what Amazon feeds it. It can't change the resolution. It would seem for that particular download amazon is feeding a source with the black bars cropped away.