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    Reading through the threads here about problems with backing up shoot'em up and also Jet LI in WAR. My friend changed the setting of the AI scanner to deep scan and was able to make back ups of both of just the movie, because her son likes to watch her movies and seems to misplace them so she likes to back up her movies for him to use in his room, since he has a playstation that plays movies. LOL. Both movies back up fine. When she had the AI scanner on the default (through) she couldn't back either one up. I'm wondering if it would also work with Rush Hour 3? She used xcopy with anydvd for both movies. I'm not sure if both will back up with cloneDVD, since she used xcopy instead, but I thought I'd pass the information. She usually uses cloneDVD and xcopy is a back up program just in case she has problems with cloneDVD backing up.
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    Rush Hour 3 works fine with Anydvd set to "deep scan".
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    Thanks, I'll let her know that, so she can back it up for her son to use in his room, since she now has to keep the originals locked up. LOL