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    I never had a problem with playing backed up movies on my computer. I have a TDK DVDRW420N, it is the one that plays my back ups only. After I had backed up my last movie it says there isn't anything on it, even though I tried a few different things. All burns were "successful" according to CloneDVD and xcopy. I use winDVD 6-gold and The KMP player to play my dvds on my computer. Both will not play my newly backed up movie. They play fine on on JVC dvd player stand alone hooked up to my tv, vcr and stereo, but when I try to play it in the computer using my TDK DVDRW420N. I also reinstalled the firmware for it just to make sure and the other back ups work fine, just the most recent one. I'm using FUJIFILM DVD+R 120 4.7 16X. (I never had a problem with the blank dvds)Just a week ago my computer ran out of space (I was down to like 3gbs) and so I couldn't back up movies, because of not enough space, But I put lots of stuff on cd-Rs and now I have alot of space on my computer. (I have over 20 gbs on my hard drive)Before I never had the problem, except sometimes the movies I backed up worked better if I did the just the movie, unless it was one of those that needed the whole movie backed up that you needed subtitles on, because of the language being different. Could the blank dvds be defective? I don't have another kind to try. I tried to update my firmware, but it didn't work. any help would be nice... If the backed up dvd plays fine in my standalone, why doesn't it play in my TDK DVDRW420N? when both programs. (I did use anydvd) said the burn was successful, but when I click on the backed up disk in my computer it says it's empty and there is no data on it. I already tried reinstalling winDVD and The KMP player and it didn't work.
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    First, this issue has nothing to do with Anydvd (the backup works in your standalone player).

    I suspect the issue is your choice of blank media (16x rated media in a 4x burner may not work well--and Fuji
    isn't that good unless it was made in Japan) . . .
    Or possibly your burner could be dying

    1. Use good quality media only
    Try Taiyo Yuden premium 8x dvd+R or Verbatim dvd+r media

    2. If you're using +R, +RW, or +R DL media, change the booktype to "dvd-rom" (step 3)
    (I'm not sure if your burner supports bitsetting changes)

    Edit: I just looked at the specs of your burner. It seems to be pretty old (4x dvd+R burner). A lot of blank media
    now is being sold to support 16x burners (which may not work properly in yours). Instead of looking around for media that will work properly for it, I would simply buy a new burner (most are much cheaper than when you must have bought that one).
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    I tried writing existing data and changed the speed to 8x, but that didn't work at all. I still can't play the back up in my dvd player on my computer at all. (I use The KMP player and WinDVD 6-gold.I could try 4x using a 16x dvd+R, but I'm not sure. I never had the problem before using the 16x. The dvd burner doesn't even recognize that it's a back up. I have no idea if I did anything wrong. I just remember that I tried to back up a movie and I didn't have enough space, so I backed my screencap folder and I now have alot of space. I want to give up and reinstall windows home edition and just start over and reinstall everything, but I doubt that will work. I may try my brother at home later tonight after he comes home from work to see what he says, but right now I have no idea if I could get a new dvd burner at all. I tried to upgrade the firmware for the burner and it would not at all play any back up disks until I went back to the old version. If I would update the fireware how do I do it to recognize the backups?
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    Why should that change anything?

    1)According to
    your burner's max speed is 4x on dvd+r media.


    2) You're using 16x rated media with a 4x burner.

    Then use the old version.
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    I tried burning at 4x and neither work in the stand alone dvd or my dvd player on my computer..:confused: I'm gonna talk to my brother later. He may have some suggestions. I'm about to give up. Maybe I'll get my friend to take me to get some verbatim dvd+r media today. I'm just really annoyed. If all else fails I may have to reinstall windows xp and then reinstall some programs I have. I'll have to wait until I talk to my brother. I can play the last movie I backed up in my computer, but anything else backed up will not play. :(
    I can't believe this is happening. I'm just gonna ask my brother how much it would cost to get a new dvd burner and how much he is going to charge to install it for me.:( I can't even play them in the top one that plays the originals. I really wanted to put away my originals for safe keeping and to keep them as brand new and in top shape as possible. :(
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    You are using 1) not the greatest blank media (unless your Fuji media was made in Japan) and 2) 16x rated media for a 4x burner.

    Most newer burners cost ~$50 (sometimes less), and they are very easy to install. Do not buy 16x rated media for your existing burner.

    Burners are very easy to install. While it's none of my business, your brother should be nice and install it for you for free. I would. It's entirely possible your current burner is dying as well . . .
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    Yeah I think it's dying. I'm gonna talk to him later tonight. He is the best one to talk about computers and our whole family goes to him with our computers, because he does it for a living and he's very good at what he does. LOL He totally is the best brother anybody would want. I know he would give me a good price and etc. He would even know what would be the best for a dvd burner for my computer. He is the computer WIZ in my family!!
    We all go to him, because he saves us money and he is very generous. I will just have to get the money when I want him to do it. He always gets what we need and then we pay him when he is finished. Hopefully if I do need a new dvd burner. I have no problems using already backed up movies from before, just the ones I try to back up now using my dvd burner!
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    You shouldn't, provided they still work, of course.

    By the way, I wasn't suggesting your brother was a bad person; I'm just saying burners are so simple to install that I wouldn't bother charging family members and friends labour to install them (but that's just me). In fact, I suspect if you read a manual or some information online, you could probably learn to install them yourself.
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    I talked to my brother and he told me to try dvd shrink, but that didn't work either. He told me it will cost about $35.00 for a new dvd burner and he will install it for me, probably at no cost. I talked to him about what was going on with my dvd burner. Hopefully I'll have the new dvd burner this weekend or this coming week. I would just have to drop it off and then pick it back up the next day. I couldn't really talk to him for along time, because he was working, but I'm gonna call him back tonight to tell him that dvd shrink did NOT work. I'm gonna tell him that I want a new dvd burner, so I will need to know when to drop off my tower and then pick it up and pay him. Thanks for trying to help. I'd rather get a recent dvd burner that will last, then keep my old one that's at least a couple of years old and it doesn't work. So thank heavens he can install a new dvd burner that won't cost me alot of money.
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