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    Forgive me if there is another thread about Rush Hour 3 here, but when I backed up with Shrink and AnyDVD in the background and copied Rush Hour 3 with no problems, the resulting disc started to skip, fast forward and the sound track was off around scene 12. Is this a known issue or did I do something wrong.

    If it is a known issue, can the same solution be used as was used for War and Shoot 'Em Up?
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    Based on what I've read on the forum, Anydvd handles Rush Hour 3 just fine (however I don't own the disc personally). Others here may be able to offer more suggestions, but here are mine:

    (According to another post by Webslinger) Ensure you have the A.I. scanner set to "deep anylsis" for Anydvd If you're using Shrink, you might try using the "rip video to hard disk" using the Anydvd ripper utility and then importing the files into Shrink.

    Secondly, what kind of blank media are you using? Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden is the best way to go for blank discs. See the following link:

    Again, others may be able to provide better info, but I hope mine helps.
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    That is exactly what is required. :agree: