My problem with Oblivion and The Battle for Middle Earth

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by GameKing, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. GameKing

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    I have LotR Middle Earth on my laptop for travelling (this is where GameJack is most needed) and GJ worked fine. I had to create my own profile because I store my games on a different partition.

    Now, a month later, I decided to try GJ on my desktop. I have tried the provided profile and have tried to create my own, but I get that dreaded "Insert the CD and try again" message! (My games are installed on Drive G on both computers.)

    I tried all the usual tricks; removing InCD, etc. but to no avail. I am running Vista on both machines. I even updated the game on my desktop (which I have yet to do on my laptop), but neither the original nor the updated versions work.

    One thing I haven't tried is running GJ several times on this game. I thought I read that somewhere, but can't recall where--or even how to do it.

    One of the messages here says that this game is compatible with GJ--and for my laptop it is; for my desktop it isn't.

    For the record both of these computers REALLY are mine!
  2. matthew

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    Are you able to profile any other games on your desktop?
  3. GameKing

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    Yes.. I have Two Worlds and Rise of Legends that both work fine. I can't get Oblivion to work on either machine -- but, this one stumps me because LotR Battle for Middle Earth is perfect on my laptop, but nothing I do on my desktop (i.e. use profile or create my own) works.:(
  4. matthew

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    Well... try 2 things.

    1) Export the profile from your laptop, then import to your desktop.

    2) Try the new v3.0.0.4 beta 4
  5. GameKing

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    Tried those without success.

    I've come to the conclusion that GameJackal would be a first rate program IF IT WORKED consistently. I realize that with the miriad of computer configurations, and the problems of copy protection this is not an easy task.

    However, I paid my money and I am spending more time installing, tinkering, switch off firewalls, reinstalling, and so on... this quickly reaches a point of frustration. I get the feeling that the support is little more than "fingers crossed, here's another guess."

    I totally failed to get Obliviion to work on either computer. and after more trouble that I care to repeat I can't get LotR Middle Earth to work on my desktop (my laptop and desktop are very similarly set up..partitions, both run 8600 GT graphic cards, Vista, DX10 etc.) even though it works on my laptop.

    My success rate is around 50%--which is considerably lower than the 90+% they claim. (Indeed both Oblivion and LotR are included in the list of 'programs that work with GJ')

    Too bad..a great idea with a disappointing implementation. I delayed posting my reviews on,etc., hoping that I would discover what was going wrong. I am computer literate, and I could not possibly recommend this to my less knowledgeable friends.
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  7. matthew

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    There are many, many thousand of user that have consistent results.

    Support is only as good as the questions being asked.

    At then end of the day it is just not possible to get GJ running of every possible comb of hardware. However, in most case it's a software conflict. I would also recommend that you have the latest version installed.