My Little Pony - The Movie

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  1. tadirish

    tadirish New Member

    What do I need to determine the correct playlist?
  2. d00zah

    d00zah Well-Known Member

    Read the status report. If the disc has already been 'fixed', the line I quoted will be reported. Just rip the disc.
  3. Robert Heywood

    Robert Heywood New Member

    How do I determine the playlist

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  4. d00zah

    d00zah Well-Known Member

    It's displayed in the status pane... 'Java BD protection good playlists: 375'
  5. Tinium

    Tinium New Member

    Another pony disc here, not currently showing any good playlists in the status window. Thanks :)

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  6. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Fixed, now.
  7. Tinium

    Tinium New Member

    Thanks! From my daughter... honest :)