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    Old app user new member. Just signed up after finding out about the big changes here. Have Anydvd and game jackal from way back. Use them rarely but still intermittently. Like to play old games using gj. Where do I stand with gj and my license? If I need my license can you guys supply it to me? Many thanks.
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    Wrong section, license issues have their own section up top. Post moved.

    That said, your license is and will be fine. GJ will NOT require a redfox license in the future. GJ has been deemed "obsolete" (many developers now use platforms such as valve, steam, origin instead of discs). You can register and use it just fine. There simply won't be any updates anymore. As to resending your license, i don't know. That's a question for @Ivan, i'd just keep it safe & secure if i were you :)
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    I have EA games that I can't do this with even though I'm on the Origin EA page for it . I miss Jackal already :(
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