My Fair Lady 50th aniversary edition Blu-ray problem

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Frank Schabel, Aug 26, 2021.

  1. Frank Schabel

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    I have had this disk for a couple of years but may not have actually watched it all the way through. Today I tried to make a mp4 file from the disk and Clone BD ran into uncountable read errors in the Ascot scene. The disk appears perfect and I cleaned it well but the errors persisted. Checking on line I found that others had had disks with problems in this same part and there was some question as to whether it was caused by defective disks or player problems. I tried the disk on my stand alone player (a Sony several years old) and had the same errors. The interesting thing is that AnyDVD HD ripped it perfectly without encountering any read errors, on the same BD dive in my computer that would not play the problem area of the disk with Cyberlink PowerDVD and on which CloneBD had all the read errors. The file played correctly a so did a mp4 file that was created by CloneBD from the ripped disk.
  2. Frank Schabel

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    I had another disk with the same problem. Clone BD unable to process a disc because of read errors. AnyDVD HD ripped the disc on the same drive successfully and then Clone BD processed the ripped file successfully. Looks to me like Clone BD needs to learn from the coders at AnyDVD. If their program can read the disk, then CloneBD should be able to.
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    Then for the developers to have a look to see what, if anything, was happening, you would need to supply a CloneBD log. Otherwise they have nothing to look at and could only guess.