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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Netgear007, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. Netgear007

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    I am happy with the tool till now in trail period and I would like to purchase the license in coming days.

    I would like to ask when Disney+ is going to be added in tool for which I am eagerly waiting for it to purchase license.

    and onemore important thing is : which is global url but in India region, >>>>>>>

    i.e; if we go to this url it will redirect to website .

    so any one pls clarify my doubt how it will be going to be added
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Please read the sticky again regarding already suggested providers.

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  3. SmegHead

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    I'm guessing additional streaming services won't be added for a while, as I'm sure their priority is improving the experience for both Amazon and Netflix, especially the latter. I'd love to see Disney+ added to the application, but I think they've got their hands full with bug fixes and adjustments to the core program.
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  4. bartinoUHD

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    Even if they added Disney+, the tool would be limited to 720p video quality. This is because the tool uses the cdm chrome and in chrome Disney+ the maximum quality is limited to 720p.
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    That's what Netflix does by default too, yet redfox found a way to get 1080p

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  6. bartinoUHD

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    No, it has nothing to do with it, NF only hides 1080p and uses the L3 key, which is the CDM chrome key, but Disney + only uses those CDM Chrome keys up to 720p, from 1080p to above it is the L1 device that is used. for 4K, and that can't be done with anystream.
  7. bartinoUHD

    bartinoUHD Active Member

    Do not say here false hopes for people to buy something that will not be. You have to be honest and talk about the limits that exist.

    Ask Prospere or Pete and you will see his answer regarding 4K and 1080p from Disney +.
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  8. windevine

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    like hulu limited to 720p on chrome and other browsers
  9. bartinoUHD

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    Not same, yes, hulu limits on Chrome, but they are really 1080p and can be downloaded and decrypted with L3.
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  10. happyguy82

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    What about CuriosityStream?? It plays fine in 4K HDR on old browsers that still allow screenshots etc. It should be a walk in the park for AnyStream to support that service :)
  11. bartinoUHD

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    NO, that's because some VOD company uses the old L3 for their 4K, but the big companies DO NOT, they only use the L1
  12. happyguy82

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    I know, I'm saying CuriosityStream is far less restrictive and secure than NetFlix and Disney+. I doubt they use Widevine at all.
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  13. Amazon and Netflix are currently two providers. Does it cover India region. I just downloaded the trial version. Still wanted to check if anyone from india tried and worked. Thanks