My computer does not recognize my backups..

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by christopher6453, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Anyone else ever had this problem?
  2. sockeye

    sockeye Well-Known Member

    Need more info christopher.
  3. Like what? What info do you need?
  4. sockeye

    sockeye Well-Known Member

    Is it all backups, or just the ones created with CloneDVD?
    Is it Windows that doesn't recognize the disks, a pc player, or other proggy?
    Any problems with original DVD's?
    Do the disks play on a standalone?
    List any steps you have taken to troubleshoot the problem.
  5. It appears to be just the backups that I make with clonedvd.
    My computer is the only thing that doesn't recognize the discs. They play fine in a dvd player.
    No problems with the original discs.
    And I really haven't been able to determine the problem and try to troubleshoot it. I am at a loss. I was hoping that other had haved this problem too, but it appears I'm the only one. I just don't get it...
  6. sockeye

    sockeye Well-Known Member

    What type of media are you using, and do you have Auto Play enabled for the drive?
  7. I am using HP DVD-R
    And autoplay is enabled.

    Bear in mind this is a very recent change. I have pulled out old dvd's that I have backed up, and they are fine in my computer. It's just the recent ones. anydvd won't even recognize them.
  8. sockeye

    sockeye Well-Known Member

    Same brand/type media, or is this problem coinsiding with a media change?
    If not, I would try disabling Auto Play, (choose take no action for DVD Video) and see if this helps.
    Additionally, make sure your drive has the latest firmware.
  9. I appreciate your assistance. I have tried disabling autoplay, and I have the latest firmware for my drive. I just don't get it...:doh:
  10. sockeye

    sockeye Well-Known Member

    Is the problem consistant with 1 brand/type media?
  11. Bunnyrip2

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    Won't play in PC?

    Make sure you have DVD Decoding Software! Like Power DVD, Nero Showtime, etc. If you do, you should try and use it to play the backups.:agree:
  12. I think I may have figured out my problem. I think DVD-R is the problem..I'll get back to you..

    Thanks everyone for trying to help. Please keep an eye here for my report..
  13. Ok, strange, but I seem to have figured it out. It appears as though when I backup onto a DVD-R my computer will not recognize the disc and won't let me backup a backup copy.

    BUT...backing up onto a DVD+R works perfectly fine..I wonder why...Any ideas?
  14. sockeye

    sockeye Well-Known Member

    Is it one brand of DVD -R giving the symptoms, or all -R media?
    If the issue all along, has been trying to backup a backup, disabling AnyDVD may be your answer.
    You haven't given any particulars on your DVD drive. (ie: make, model, firmware..... Is your drive compatable with all formats, and were the disks in question actually created with your DVD drive with CloneDVD?)