my bluray burner died on me. I ordered a new one.

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    So I bought the Pioneer BD-R 2209 bluray burner in early 2014, I put it through A LOT of bluray ripping with AnyDVD HD, and burning to bluray disc with CloneBD and Nero Burning ROM 2016. For about three months, the bluray burner just dissappears out of the device manager in the optical/media drives section. AnyDVD HD has no detection of it when I start AnyDVD HD when this happens. It used to show up sometimes when I re-started my PC, but soon enough would dissappear in the device manager and not shown in m computer.

    So I bought the same bluray burner with a three year warranty on it. I get it this coming Wednesday. These things happen, it's like cars parts give out, it could of been a more critical computer piece of hardware that died but it didn't. Good note is, the bluray burner when I bought it two years ago was $130 now it's $80 I paid for it brand new.
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    Have you tried ultra slim portable blue-ray writer from LG?
    Got it at best buy for also 80 bucks. It does a lot more than bluray ripping and burning.
    Life's good.
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    I finally found the issue I was having for months of my bluray burner disappearing and not accessible in Windows 10. Turns out I either had a dying SATA port or bad SATA cable. I switched the port and cable. Bluray burner never had a problem now. Months and months and now I fixed it. I have now two of the same bluray burners. I'll keep one for a backup. And the one I bought last month has a three year warranty on that covers accidental damage also. Very happy problem is fixed.
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