My 4K UHD Journey Part 3

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    My 4K UHD Journey Part 3

    Over the decades we have taken hundreds of clients & friends discs that play fine on standalone players but give issue when using various different copy software. Most of these users had burners ONLY in their PC & once we checked their discs in our systems, NO ISSUES whatsoever! Why? Because we use readers ONLY to copy CD/DVD/Bluray discs, not burners. Once some of these same users put DVD/Bluray readers in their PC, the EXACT same disc & software they used previously before worked ok. Some still had issues but that was proven as a copy software issue since we had ZERO issues copying the disc on our system. On many forums over the decades we have come across lots of idiots that like to argue & we tell them don't argue with us, argue with the technical engineers at the CD/DVD/Bluray player/writer factories, who design/make these products, that told us that the lasers are the EXACT same & we proved it ourselves.

    We've been involved with the computer industry from the 70's & most of us program in assembly & C to write our own drivers & mods to make things work for us. We scoured the net & picked peoples brains to only utilize hardware that allows us to directly read off of media bypassing lame protection schemes. I was amazed & shocked when I first saw Pete's AMD computer running commercial UHD media. Once his team showed me the how part, I have been doing the same ever since. Yes, it is a lot of work but worth it in the end.

    On many of the forums that we have posted to in the past & some that we still post to nowadays, we learned from our mistakes not to deliver too much detailed info. Many of you are aware of several forums & companies being shutdown over certain discussions that the dictators & their agencies in Hollywood have forced to cease.

    I personally have potentially lost millions due to my own stupidity way back in the days of copyguard protections (Macrovision) on VHS/BETA when I designed my own personal video stabilizer & posted my circuit design on Radio Electronics magazine & other sites at the request of many people. Someone, somehow decided to use that design & market it without my permission. Once my friends informed me that something similar that I designed was available for sale globally, I searched for it & purchased one only to examine it. I was shocked once I opened it to find 100% the exact same chips & values that I had posted of my design. Lawyers stated nothing I could do since I never patented it. Lesson learned.
    video stabilizer 1
    video stabilizer 2
    Later on as technology advanced, I had to come up with a way to use my existing CRT monitors to play media that demanded HDMI connections. Again I went to work with our friends & came up with a circuit that bypassed protection schemes. Yes, my stupidity kicked in again & I released my design to friends. Once again someone else made money off it & to this day, dozens of companies have jumped on the bandwagon.
    based on my circuit design:
    HDMI converter 1
    HDMI converter 2

    A company that now sets the world standards for bypassing EVERYTHING & has awesome products but I am not associating them with theft of my designs as they are above that:
    So because of this & other factors; we no longer provide detailed support to anyone except our own clients due to legality issues & we don't want anymore sites being shutdown.

    Over the years we have trialed both the Panasonic DMP-UB900 & the Samsung UBD-K8500. I prefer & stuck with the Panasonic DMP-UB900 :)
    Perhaps in the near future, something better may come along & I'll either have to mod my old one or buy the new device :)

    So in conclusion, we have learned a lot from our friends & contacts over the decades when it comes to media (CD/DVD/Bluray) & technology is ever changing.
    1.5TB & larger optical media now exists. That will be the next challenge me thinks.
    For those that are wondering, YES, it is these 128GB media & now only recently the 1.5TB/3.3TB media that help us read/write all those UHD discs on those ODA drives. Through our massive contacts at various places plus our own assembly coding, & 40+ years of electronics background, we managed to put together a system & hook it up to a PC such that we could read & write UHD media with ZERO issues. What everyone must realize is that the consumer will buy the bluray burners available to the general public that has the built-in protection circuits to prevent copying. The Professional equipment sold to videographers & others from Sony & other companies at much higher prices does not have any such limitations & have been around since 2003(XDCAM) & 2008 for 128GB XDCAM.

    To many this may seem harsh but this is one of the many reasons we no longer share detailed technical 'how-to' on forums because we are sick & tired of arguments from people that have no clue & debating what we've been doing for decades because we have the technical skill set & they don't & when things go wrong due to their lack of experience, they blame us & we don't have the time nor desire to hand hold them through their errors. The other major factor is we don't need the wrong people at hardware production level reading certain items & then changing their product to circumvent loopholes. Why do you think the LG WH16NS48 is no longer available on Amazon & many other retailers with the 'good' firmware?

    Another tidbit for all the BS out there being shoved down purchasers throats is external USB readers/writers causing copier failures. TOTAL BULLSHIT!!
    We have been using USB readers/writers in our company for over 2 decades with ZERO issues so fix your damn software because we have never had a copier/writer issue in all that time. Yes, USB drives do fail, yes cables do fail but if you just burnt a perfectly good CD/DVD/bluray & then try to copy something else & the copy fails, it is the saftware at fault NOT the USB drive nor its' connections. Stop trying to divert blame away from your products because you are too lazy to fix it & come clean.

    Always remember what I posted at the beginning of Part 1
    because someone out there has both the technical knowledge & skill set to do just what you don't believe can be done. Thinking outside the box is a mandatory requirement in our business.