Music from DVD to CD-How?

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by rangerroger, Jan 28, 2007.

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    I'd like to record the music from various concert DVDs that I have onto CD so I can listen to it in my vehicle. How would I go about doing that? I have Anydvd, CloneDVD and Clonecd.

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    Yes! Someone else with the same question I was about to post. I have not found an answer to this yet, although I'm sure there is one. I emailed slysoft with the question and they replied they did not have any software that would do this. Casey
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    Easily accomplished using Nero Ultra's "Wave Editor".
    Insert your DVD and open your favorite DVD player. Doesn't matter which one.
    Open Nero and go to "Wave Editor". Click on the red "record" button on Wave editor then click play on your DVD player. Wave Editor will copy the sound file internally. After done you can edit out anything you don't want and save to file and then burn to cd.
    Hint: This method will also allow you to burn and use digitally copyrighted music. Rip your CD with Windows Media Player. Then use the above instructions and you'll have a mp3 that you can do whatever you want with. :agree:
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    Nice thread:bowdown: :bowdown: , I was wanting to do this also. Any other programs? I did not buy Nero ULTRA but that is a very nice feature to say the least.
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    Nero Ultra 7 is a must have!! Everyone needs this in thier toolbox. Great for compression, music, basic DVD authoring and so much more.
    Worth every cent!
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    I just tried to copy audio from a dvd with Nero Ultra 6....nada. I assume you must have Ultra 7...??
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    I,ve been using the Nero wave editor for years and never though to use it this way. I just tried it and it worked wonderfully.
    I always used Nero vision express. There's a "Record audio" option button when making a movie. Nero 6 and the new Nero 7 will both work.:clap:
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    Sorry, don't remember if Nero Ultra 6 has Wave Editor.
    Here are better directions.
    1) Open Nero, then Wave Editor
    2) Open DVD or music player i.e. jukebox, Intervideo DVD Player, etc
    3) Queue your DVD or CD to the desired audio section you want to record, then pause.
    4) Click the red record button on the bottom of Wave Editor.
    5) A box will appear, set to 48,000, 16 bit & stereo monitoring.
    6) Recording Console box will open. Set to Stereo Mixer. Click red record button in this box.
    7) Click play on DVD CD player.
    8) Monitor sound level. Keep in upper green to low yellow.
    9) You can then edit your tract removing any unwanted areas. Be sure and save your file! :)
  10. b1030

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    The music industry spent zillions on methods to digitally protect songs. When you own a song you should be able to back-up, send to an IPod or whatever.
    It works with DVD's and CD's. You do have to rip a CD first of course. You can check to see if the song is protected when you list your music library in Windows Media Player.
  11. Spudhair

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    :agree: You got it. And no kidding about monitoring the sound level. My first try was so over driven I closed without saving. Had to turn down input level to 35 for a decent 0 db file.:clap: