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multiple copies


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Mar 3, 2007
Will clonecd make multiple copies of the same disk, without having to read the original disk again? I didn't see any options for it, like when done burning click ok for another copy?
I have looked at all the settings and I cannot find a way to do it. In CloneDVD you can, but in CloneCD you can't that I can see. Sure would be a nice feature addition James or Tom?
Just don't delete the image file after a successful write, and choose "write from image file" from the main menu.
Webslinger is correct. As long as the "Delete After Successful Write" box is unchecked, you can go to: File/Write From File to make another burn. As it is in a CloneCD Temp file, it will remain there until you delete or make a copy of another CD (it will overwrite what is in the Temp file), so you can come back at another time as well.