Multiple copies of movie on disc.

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    I am backing up my DVD collection to my hard drive to make a movie server. Some of the movies have multiple copies of the movie on them. I haven't viewed the different versions of the movies, although I have started them to see if there is a difference. They appear to be the same. Most of the movies are close to the same size, although a few, like the Simpson's Movie, has one that is 1.4GB and one that is less than 1GB.

    I realize that this isn't an AnyDVD issue but I thought that you would be the experts.

    These are not special editions versions. There is only supposed to be one movie on the disc. They are R1. Why are there multiple copies on these discs?

    Thank you.
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    In some cases it appears there are multiple copies on the disc. What you may find is that if you deselect one of the titles that appears to be another version of the movie you'll find that the quality doesn't change. In some cases this other copy of the movie actually references back to the original title that contains the movie. I just view it as a way to trip up software for backing up discs.

    Specifically in the case of The Simpsons movie you can either copy both titles and you won't have a problem or you can select the slightly shorter title. The longer title is not the correct title to select on its own. You'll end up with a backup that has numerous issues. Select the shorter title and you won't have any problems. I think the shorter title it Title 1.
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    What I've been doing so far is just ripping both copies. I figured I would determine which one I should watch once I am done ripping them.
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    One version is a wide screen version. The other is usually a full screen version. They are not trying to fake you out in most cases. A lot of children movies, I have noticed come with both versions, still today. But most movies are being released in just a wide screen version.
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    Yes, however, in the case of The Simpson's if you make a backup of Title 2 and remove Title 1 then the backup will be bad. Title 2 is bogus.

    The user making the backup has to pay attention, yes. There are way more reasons for multiple versions than you just listed, as well.

    (1) You can have widescreen and fullscreen versions on the same disc.
    (2) You can have theatrical and unrated versions on the same disc.
    (3) You can have versions of the movie with or without commentary that are separated. An example of this would be a movie called Sex Traffic. Select the wrong title and you get the movie, sound and added information that could be annoying if you just want to watch the movie.
    (4) You can have extra titles containing idiotic commentary on a disc using something like comic strip bubbles somewhat like VH1's Pop-Up Video. Look at Crank for an example of this completely idiotic method.
    (5) You can have an extra title that contains commentary and cuts to interesting movie clips through interleaving. Check out Deja Vu to see an example of this. In the case of Deja Vu the method was rather nice.
    (6) You have have bogus titles on the disc for the purpose of screwing up backups. Most programs that backup discs will select the longer title as the main movie title if you decide to do a movie-only backup. In the case of The Simpson's Title 2 would be selected and the backup would be bad. Search the forums for all the problems related to people making backups and incorrectly selecting Title 2.
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    I do know that The Simpsons Movie had problems from friends that tried to use one of the one step copying programs. Also, most of the DVDs I buy are in widescreen format, so I doubt the manufacturers would spend the money to put both versions on the disc if it isn't labeled as so.
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    Agreed. :)

    If a movie has both versions on it then the box will let you know on the back. If it doesn't list both then it's not both. It's rather common, however, to have a WS release have the movie in WS and the bonus material as plain 4:3.

    When I have the choice I only purchase WS releases.