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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Jaaaamie, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. Jaaaamie

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    Hey guys

    Just bought a years pass. Loved the trial. I know it’s having DRM issues at the moment, but I know it’ll only temporary.

    My question is, I have a PC desktop at home and that’s the computer I’ve activated the license on. No problem. All working.

    What I would like to know is, I take my laptop to work with me. I had the trial on that too. Would I be able to activate it on there as well? I don’t expect double the quota. I know it would be shared across both. I have the same Amazon/Netflix/Disney accounts on both.

    If it isn’t possible, I understand, but worth asking I guess!


  2. DeepSpace

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    Yes, you can use the licence on multiple computers, but you only can use one device at the same time. In that case you would've to buy a second licence.
  3. HAMsmoke

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    That is no problem. Just do not queue up a ton on the desktop and then try to download more on the laptop simultaneously. Use one or the other, and it will be fine.
  4. Jaaaamie

    Jaaaamie Active Member

    Ah, thanks for the quick replies, guys! I only bought the version with Amazon/Disney/Netflix so queuing isn’t an option for me. I will be mainly using the PC at home. The laptop is just for work. Impossible for both to be getting used at the same time.

    Thank you so much!
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  5. Pegasus

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    One word of caution though, be careful downloading stuff at work - Companies tend to monitor traffic and you don't want to get fired for downloading some movies.
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  6. Jaaaamie

    Jaaaamie Active Member

    I use my phone. Unlimited data plan. I appreciate your concern though. Only two of us in the office on nights. We are allowed devices as long as the job gets done, and it (usually) does!
  7. NeedToKnow

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    I don't think it would be much of an issue if you load it on two devices or if you use both to download. But the answer is a bit more complicated than that:

    Your limiting factor would be that you get approximately 40 tokens per day once you have used up your initial 100 token allocation. (1 gets added every 36minutes once you drop to below 100. (24 hours x 60 minutes = 1440 minutes; then take that and divide by 36 and you have 40 new ones in a 24 hour period, capped at 100 maximum).

    I believe I saw one of the developers/administrators say that you can use it on multiple devices, but the same license key will request a token from the central license server. So if you use it on 2 separate computers, you will use up your allocation much quicker and it might appear to you as if you have to wait up to 72 minutes for a new token on the PC you are using - if both have a queue waiting.
    It might also at that point depend on which of the two contacts the token server first to 'grab' a new token. So hypothetically if the one you are on is a bit on the slow side, the other one might grab the new token, and you will think that you are not getting tokens, but you are. Just elsewhere. :)

    If you schedule downloads in a queue constantly, then you can do 280 downloads per week (7days x 40 per day), but remember tokens cap at 100.
  8. Jaaaamie

    Jaaaamie Active Member

    I won’t be using both at the same time. I’ll be using the desktop 95% of the time.
  9. Ivan

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    Actually there is no problem (from RedFox side) if you use your AnyStream license on multiple computers, even at the same time. However, we would appreciate if you buy a license for each computer - but only if you can afford it.

    You better expect that your tokens are getting eaten up even faster :coolman:
  10. JacobX

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    RedFox is just awesome.