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  1. Rodster

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    Hi all

    Ill be picking up one of the new Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drives when released in Australia on March 29. Can i connect this to my PC via usb and rip HD-DVD movies to my hard disk? If so, whats the steps and do I need any special playback software as I already use WinDVD 8. Will i need HDCP compliant hardware to play the movies with AnyDVD and WinDVD 8, or do i just rip them then play them off the hard disk?

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  2. Dread Emperor

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    In theory till anyone proves correct or incorrcect, you can rip from the 360 HD-DVD drive.

    This is assumed so since it's possible to watch movies off it with Power DVD using Toshiba Corp's drivers (as the drive used is a OEM Toshiba drive.) After installing the drivers Windows picks up the drive properly as a HD-DVD drive, when it's plugged into a USB port.
  3. Rodster

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    Is there a way to download the drivers for this oem toshiba hd-dvd drive from a website or do I have to wait for the disc that comes in the box?

  4. Faye

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    I don't believe they're drivers for the drive itself, but rather for the UDF 2.5 filesystem. ISTR that AnyDVD HD doesn't need Windows to be able to see the files to do its magic..

    The drivers also don't prevent you playing DVDs in the drive (as someone previously reported on here)

    I'm not sure where you can get the drivers from I'm afraid.

  5. mmace

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    if you have vista then no drivers are needed, plug it in and let Vista do an update and it finds the official MS drivers for it