Mr. Woodcock backed up fine

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by odd_function, Jan 15, 2008.

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    I purchased the movie and I decided to make a backup and, the copy is playing perfectly fine no problems. I thought I was gonna have problems but it turned out to backup fine. I used AnyDVD and the latest CloneDVD2 beta. Thank you :):D
  2. odd_function

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    The only problem I noticed was there is no audio on the sneak peaks in the movie mr. woodcock :confused: im using a JVC DVD Player.
  3. Webslinger

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    Test your backup on your computer please.
  4. odd_function

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    yep, no audio.
  5. Webslinger

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    Is any of the audio unselected in Clonedvd? You probably unselected the only available audio for that titleset.

    I am getting confirmation of this being an issue from someone else. He is currently narrowing down whether this is a
    problem with Anydvd or Clonedvd.
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    This is a Clonedvd issue. Anydvd ripper's output contains audio on the sneak peeks.

    Moving thread to the Clonedvd forum . . .
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    Hmmm, this seems to be the exact problem (missing audio) that CloneDVD introduced on the "filmed version" clips on the animatics menu of Shoot 'Em there are still advantages to AnyDVD Ripper for now. I was just about to back this one up - thanks for saving me the time of the CloneDVD trial!
  8. Webslinger

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    Yeah, Clonedvd seems to be removing some of the audio from the extras as well on this disc.
    Pretty bizarre . . .
  9. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'll not trust CloneDVD at this point, except for possibly getting rid of titles on DVDs with little protection.

    However, I think I found an issue with Mr. Woodcock and AnyDVD Ripper. Actually it happens when playing with AnyDVD active on the original disc, so it's likely with AnyDVD itself.

    I took your advice and made a backup with AnyDVD Ripper only and the sneak peeks, which also play when the DVD is first inserted, have audio, but when I right-click in PowerDVD, the audio selection is grayed out. Normally when one plays a title that has only one audio track (like the previews), the menu is still selectable, and if you select it it this case it should show just "English" as the only audio track. I didn't burn it to disc yet, so I'm unsure how the player would handle it.

    To verify my findings, the audio menu IS selectable on these previews when playing the original DVD, and also on the DVDFab backup I made for comparison. I admit that I have not gone through all the extras yet, so I don't know if there would be similar issues in any of them... I also didn't get a chance yet to run it through PGCEdit to see if it might "find" the audio track and re-insert it into the list of audio streams.

    I've attached the logfile.

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  10. fordman

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  11. Webslinger

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    Let's just keep everything concerning this issue in this thread for now please, as I don't want to have to jump around between multiple threads.

    I've forwarded your concern to James. Probably best to wait to see what he says.

    I do think this issue is related to what's going on in Clonedvd (then again, I could be wrong, but my guess seems reasonable to me), and what you've written here may help James.
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  12. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    OK, that's fine, but I just wanted to make it clear that it is happening with AnyDVD active and playing the original disc (not ripped with to hard drive with AnyDVD ripper), so that would seem to rule out CloneDVD code for the specific issue I mentioned. CloneDVD apparenly just takes it further by removing the sound entirely...

    In summary, I posted the link back to this thread in the AnyDVD forum since it appears there may be an AnyDVD issue with the sound. The thread was originally moved to the CloneDVD forum since it appeared to only be a CloneDVD problem at that point.

    If I had to guess, I would say that AnyDVD is telling CloneDVD that there are no selectable audio streams, so CloneDVD is eliminating/ignoring the sound stream. If true, then AnyDVD is the root of the problem, and not CloneDVD...
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  13. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Yes, but consider that Clonedvd and Anydvd share parts of the same code . . .

    Also it seems to me that if the trouble starts in Anydvd it could become exacerbated in Clonedvd (so the root of the problem, I'm guessing, starts in Anydvd; if powerdvd is greying out the audio options maybe the reason for it is similar to why Clonedvd is possibly not detecting or removing audio . . .).

    But instead of speculating, I'd rather wait to see what James says.
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  14. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    Ahhh, you were answering as I went back and appended my message, and we came to the same theory about AnyDVD being the root of the issue.

    From what James said in the past, I thought only the AnyDVD Ripper shared code with CloneDVD, so if the problem exists without ripping, that would seem to exonerate CloneDVD.
  15. tebugg

    tebugg Beta Tester

    can u still hear the sound even tho the option to select the audio track is greyed out?
  16. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    The thing is the audio plays from Anydvd ripper. It still plays if you use Shrink or Recode using Anydvd ripper dvd files as the source. The audio is completely removed if you use Clonedvd.
  17. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    Yes, the sound plays fine, whether playing the original DVD with AnyDVD active, or when playing the AnyDVD Ripper output from the hard drive. It's just that in each instance the audio menu is grayed out. With the original DVD and DVDFab output, the audio menu is there, and you can expand it to show "English" is active, and the only one that can be enabled. It does seem strange that it plays despite not being listed in the audio selection...

    I will open the output in PGCEdit tonight to see if any audio streams are listed, and if not see if PGCEdit will repair it to show it as an active audio stream. I'd be interested in what a standalone player would do, but I'd rather not scrap a dual layer disc.
  18. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    One thing to note is that you audio menu is greyed out for the Sneak Peeks but it is not greyed out for the Deleted/Alternate Scenes.
  19. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Well, I guess that throws my theory about why Clonedvd is removing audio from the extras out the window.
  20. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    No, I think DrinkLyeAndDie was telling me to check whether that is true. So far I have only looked at the sneak peeks because that is what was first mentioned here. I'll check the deleted/alternate scenes when I get home.