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    I've tried for a couple weeks to backup the mr selfridge season 2 series I bought. I returned one set thinking they were bad and reordered new ones and am having the same problem with the second set. I use anydvd and 1 click, anydvd and clone cd and clonedvd. 1 click shows bad sectors. Disk 3 is ok. Disk 1 and 2 have the bad sectors. I was able to finally get a back up with disk 1 by setting anydvd to default. Disk 2 will not back up the same way. I'm attaching log files for disk 2. Mr Selfridge Season 2, disk 2.
    I was able to get an exact copy with clone cd on a DL blank. But not with Clonedvd. I don't know anything else to do. Thanks. ~Rose

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    worked now

    I was able to get a copy with clone dvd now. I haven't had any troubles in years with backups. This one gave me a fit. :(Thanks.