MPC not opening BD structure normally

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    I"ve encountered a problem with one of my discs that I hasnt' cropped up before. I use AnyDVD on my computer along with MPC to play blu-ray content without a software player... MPC can't do menus, but with AnyDVD installed it always correctly loads up a disc and will let me navigate the various playlists on the disc itself, and 99 times out of 100 it'll choose the correct one for the main feature.

    But when I put this disc in with AnyDVD running, when MPC opens it's as if the program can only see a single title on the disc, with a runtime of 2 minutes, 16 seconds. There are no playlists to choose from as there would normally be to navigate the content on the disc. If I manually choose "Open file" instead of "Open DVD/BD" or "Open DIsc" and go to the specific m2ts file on the disc that contains the feature I want, then it will play, but for some reason MPC can't see the playlist structure.

    This is the first disc of Arrow USA's "Yokai Monster Collection", the disc containing "100 Monsters" (1968). There are two other discs in the set, but this issue is only present with the first disc.
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    This is an issue with a lot of the latest Arrow releases. Just right now experiencing it with Mill of the Stone Women. I think it has something to do with the branching of different language versions. BDInfo is also showing garbage.
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    Most likely you have a disc that is using "seamless branching". This means the movie consitst of many small files. You can use the free functions for CloneBD to just rip the main movie and then play it with your favorite player.
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