Movies that can't be backed up using AnyDVD with Shrink

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Jan 28, 2007
With Anydvd onwards, everything below no longer applies. With Anydvd ripper it's possible to
get full disc backups of all the Sony titles using Shrink or Recode. And the German releases don't require Anydvd ripper.


Again everything below this point is old information and no longer applies.

R1 releases (and possibly other regions) of Grudge 2, Saw 3, Marie Antoinette, Running with Scissors, Open Season, Zoom: Academy for Superheroes, Stranger Than Fiction, Holiday, Rocky Balboa, Casino Royale, and The Pursuit Of Happyness can't be backed up with Anydvd and Shrink 3.2 alone if you want full disc backups including menus. Those movies will work with Slysoft products (Anydvd or later + Clonecd and Clonedvd2).

You can add these Protect Video titles to the list (thank you to Sheep for notifying me).
The following German releases cannot be backed up, I'm told, by Anydvd nor Anydvd ripper and Shrink at all:

Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot
Country: Germany, RC2
Release date: 22nd February 2007

Das Parfum
Country: Germany, RC2
Release date: 9th March 2007

The Grudge 2
Country: Germany RC2

7 Zwerge- Der Wald ist nicht genug
Country: Germany RC2

TKKG- Das Geheimnis der Mind-Machine (thanks to Sheep for alerting me)
Country: Germany RC2

Das kleine Arschloch 2
Country: Germany RC2

Those German R2 releases will work with Slysoft products (Anydvd or later + Clonecd and Clonedvd2). In Clonedvd2, you will need to ensure title 10 is not selected if you're doing a full disc backup of Das Parfum.

The following info applies to the newer bad sector protection releases from Sony (and Lionsgate):

Shrink 3.2 cannot handle the wacky nonsense dvd structures that Sony produces on its latest releases.
And Anydvd cannot alter these crazy structures/Vobs on the fly for Shrink 3.2.

Here are two solutions for full disc backups:

1. With Anydvd active on your toolbar, rip using Clonedvd2 (select "dvd +/- DL in the quality bar and choose "dvd files" for the output method--instead of your burner). Import the Clonedvd2 ripped files/folder into Shrink. There is an obvious advantage to using this method because you can eliminate all the stuff you don't want when you rip (trailers, for example).

If Shrink warns you that the Clonedvd2 rip is too big, you can likely ignore that warning.

For information on ignoring the "too big" warning visit


2. If you own Shrink, there's a chance you also own Nero Recode. Recode from Nero may work in addition to Recode from Nero or later versions. Casino Royale R1 will work for a full disc backup with Nero Recode and Anydvd:

If you just want the main movie, do this:
Right click on Anydvd on the toolbar, and select "rip-video dvd to harddisk". After you're finished ripping you should be able to import the main movie only into Shrink (Click "reauthor" and then browse to the location of the video_ts folder. Then drag and drop the main movie over to the left).

Anydvd+ "DVD neXt COPY and DVD95 Copy, DVD Rebuilder will too" -- according to forum user, Charlie

These movies will also work with Anydvd + the latest version of 1-Click--but not Shrink ver 3.2

If and when this changes, I will delete this sticky.

"The only way you can use AnyDVD along w/ Shrink is to insert VobBlanker or FixVTS after the rip and before you use Shrink. If you try it w/o one of those programs then you will get an error." --Carolina Mike

James has his Saw 3 R1 disc, and when he has some time (he is very busy) he will hopefully address this issue.

In the meantime, this is a known issue (so complaining about it probably won't make a solution for Anydvd fans who also happen to be DVD Shrink fans come any faster).

If Saw3 R1, Open Season R1, Grudge2 R1, Running with Scissors R1, Marie Antoinette, Zoom: Academy for Superheroes, Stranger Than Fiction R1 Holiday, Rocky Balboa, Casino Royale, or The Pursuit Of Happyness is not working with Anydvd and Clonedvd2 or Clonecd, then chances are you have a bad original that needs to be either cleaned or exchanged (even if the disc looks fine and plays fine, the disc can still suffer from quality control issues).

anthonyp8339 claims Anydvd ripper (which automatically uses an older version of FixVTS) with Shrink 3.2 will do the main movie of Saw 3:

duboiss1 claims Open Season will work with an old version of Shrink 2.3 (which I doubt most are using). You can follow that discussion here:

Forum user, please, claims using Anydvd ripper (which automatically uses an older version of FixVTS) will work with Shrink 3.2 on Open Season for the main movie. You can follow that discussion here (starting at post 16):

Wahoo started a "workaround" discussion for Grudge 2 and Running with Scissors here:

Thanks for alerting me to Zoom R1, Zamphire:

Rocky Balboa discussion can be found here:

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