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Movies that are hard to copy

NY Tech

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Feb 23, 2007
I'm new to this forum,though I have been using slysoft products for almost a year. I am able to copy open season and saw3 and zoom using dvdclone2, but if i try to copy the copy, it won't start unless I tell power dvd to open a media file and point it to the .ifo file. It will start fine using the copy clone dvd made, but the copies won't, even using the same file that clonedvd creates. What am I missing, or what is clonedvd putting in that allows this to start? Thanks for your help.
If you are copying a copy, use CloneCD. Works great!
clone dvd will also copy the copy, but why won't it start when I burn it from the hard drive? What is clone dvd adding that allows it to start?
Do the copies of copies work in a stand alone player?
CloneCd should also copy it. Sorry Spanky I didnt see your post.
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there were several bogus title sets in saw 3 that I had to go in and remove . and also anydvd had several updates during this time to address this problem and clone had one update. sometimes when you copy between changes you won't be able to copy the copy do too the glinch that was corected from the previous versions. also you should copy to your disk drive you won't see any difference in quality, but it makes it easer to copy a copy,just be sure to check the box delete temp. video files after writing they won't delete until you do restart for another project.THIS WILL KEEP FROM YOU EATING UP YOUR HARD DRIVE SPACE. just keep clicking on write for each extra copy. p.s the glitch was in the removal of certain sectors done through the software.
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i have not had any problems backing up a copy with anydvd or clonedvd